Thursday, August 11, 2022
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TP-Link launches Tapo WiFi light strip with HomeKit support

More and more manufacturers are introducing smart products with RGBIC lighting. The latest is TP-Link with its Tapo L930 smart WiFi light strip. It comes with WiFi connectivity as well as support for major platforms like Apple HomeKit and possibly the Matter standard. More importantly, it works without a home hub.


  • TP-Link’s Tapo L930 smart strip light gets HomeKit and WiFi connectivity.
  • The Tapo L930 uses RGBIC lighting technology enabling millions of colors.
  • TP-Link’s Tapo L930-5 is priced for around $47 in Japan with the US launch yet to be revealed.

TP-Link’s Tapo L930-5 is the first light product from the company that supports HomeKit. It’s a 5-meter flexible strip that uses RGBIC lighting instead of RGB with its limited color—just like you’d find in Govee’s hexa panels and strips. This makes the strip produce millions more colors compared to the conventional lighting standard. The Tapo L930 also boasts extra white LEDs and up to fifty color zones for you to customize through the mobile app.

In terms of smart functionalities, the Tapo L930 can work without a smart home hub or speaker. But if you want to take advantage of voice commands, you will need to opt for a hub that is compatible to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. Moreover, the smart light supports scheduling and music sync. Alternatively, you can integrate automation or scenes with the Tapo L930 using other smart home devices.

It is unclear if the company will also add adaptive lighting to the Tapo L930 since newer Homekit-enabled lights are starting to offer this feature such as the Meross Smart Wifi bulb. Matter could also be added to this strip once the standard is finally fully unveiled.

Pricing and availability of Tapo L930 RGBIC smart strip light

The Tapo L930 is currently available in Japan for ¥ 6,400 ($47/€46). The market launch for other regions including the USA is expected later this year but for a yet unknown price. TP-Link is also selling a regular white strip and a longer RGBIC version, but neither have Apple HomeKit compatibility.


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