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Turn your game controller into a mouse on your Mac with this app

Controlling your Mac using a game controller might not be something you knew that you wanted to do. But you really do actually want to do it. And thanks to a new app called Controlly, that’s exactly what you can do.

Compatible with any game controller that you can connect to your Mac, Controlly allows you to move the mouse cursor and scroll through webpages using your controller, all without being tethered to your desk. This could be a great way to control a Mac mini that’s under your TV, for example.

Features currently include:

Mouse Actions

  • Primary Click
  • Secondary Click
  • Look Up
  • Smart Zoom

Playback Controls

  • Play/Pause
  • Skip Forward
  • Skip Back

Sound and Brightness

  • Mute
  • Volume Up/Down
  • Brightness Up/Down

System Conveniences

  • Mission Control
  • Launchpad
  • Show Desktop
  • Next/Previous Desktop
  • Mirror Displays

Thumbstick Actions

Sounds pretty great, right? If you can do it with a mouse, you can do it with your controller.

You can download Controlly from the Mac App Store right now for free. If you want to use the app beyond the 7-day trial you can for just $3.99.

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