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UK penalty point hotspots revealed

An analysis of the areas where drivers are most likely to have accrued penalty points on their driving licences has revealed Stockton-on-Tees as having the has the highest proportion of offending motorists.

Some 13 per cent of the 355 licenced drivers from the town in County Durham have penalty points on their driving licences, according to data from the Mirror. This is the highest percentage of any postal area in the UK with at least 100 registered motorists.

One in five drivers admit taking penalty points for someone else

For comparison, the national average is 6.6 per cent – or around one in 15 drivers – while Stockton-on-Tees’ has a rate of one in eight.

The second-worst area goes jointly to Glenfinnan in the Scottish Highlands and Bradford’s BD13 postcode. Some 12.7 per cent of registered drivers in both of these areas have penalty points on their licences.

Not only does a Bradford area claim joint-second place, but its BD4 postcode also claims fourth place with 12.3 per cent, while its BD9 code is in joint-fifth with South Oxfordshire’s OX49 on 12.2 per cent.

In contrast, the best postal areas are in London, with no drivers in W1M, W1N or W1X having any points on their licences at all.

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More than 2.7m motorists in the UK have been hit with penalty points for committing driving offences in the last year.

Speaking to the Mirror, Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA, encouraged drivers to avoid penalty points in order to “not only save lives but save some cash”, as more points mean higher insurance premiums.

Meanwhile, RAC spokesperson Simon Williams warned of the “devastating personal and professional impacts” losing your driving licence after accruing too many points can have.

Research reveals UK’s driving offence hotspots

The UK’s driving offence hotspots have been revealed, with motorists in Avon and Somerset found to be the most likely to receive a fixed penalty notice (FPN).

Analysis of 2.7 million FPNs revealed 197,692 drivers in Avon and Somerset received a ticket over the 2016/17 financial year, close to a fifth of the driving population in that area.

Road workers facing 300 dangerous incidents per week

By looking at the number of FPNs issued by the UK’s 45 police forces, and comparing this data to the number of driving licence holders in each constabulary, researchers from Regtransfers were able to determine that 17.85 per cent were issued with a ticket in the last financial year.

Cumbrians weren’t far behind, with 14.5 per cent given a fixed penalty notice, while 14.1 per cent of drivers in Warwickshire received a ticket over the same period.

Top 10 areas for motoring offences

Police Force

Total offences

Offences per 10,000 drivers

Avon and Somerset
























West Yorkshire






Speeding offences made up the vast majority fixed penalty notices, with 2.25 million drivers ticketed for exceeding limits.

Some 146,000 drivers were given an FPN for driving without a licence or insurance, while 113,000 got a ticket for ‘neglect of traffic signs’ – with jumping red lights likely to make up the vast proportion of those offences.

Other common offences revealed by the data – taken from official Government sources – include not wearing a seatbelt (64,000 tickets issued), using a handheld mobile phone when driving (98,000 FPNs) and careless driving (34,000 tickets issued).

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Drivers in London were most likely to be caught using a phone when driving, with 52 FPNs for this offence issued per 10,000 drivers. Meanwhile, motorists in Scotland had the highest proportion of tickets for driving without a licence or insurance, with 139 tickets issued for every 10,000 registered drivers.

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