Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Un-Beatable Deal: The Beats Studio Buds are now 25% off!

Looking for a solid set of earbuds? The Beats Studio Buds are 25% off at Walmart! Apple has packed those with powerful bass, excellent sound quality, and a discreet design that sets them apart from the AirPods Pro, making them an excellent alternative.


  • True Wireless Beats earbuds with ANC.
  • Compact design.
  • Great sound quality with deep bass profile.
  • 25% off at Walmart, from $149.99 only $112.00.

There is a certain elegance to the Beats, with them, Apple is trying to appeal to its customers that dislike the teardrop shape of the AirPods. The line-up still packs the powerful features and technology of their divisive cousins, but it is clothed in a discreet design that leaves almost everyone impressed. Now, one of the best earbuds of the Beats line, the Beats Studio Buds, can be found for a decent, 25% discount at Walmart.

For only $112.00, you can grab some of the best sounding earbuds of the year. In our tests, our editor Benjamin Lucks gave them 4/5 stars, noting their excellent sound quality, solid ANC capabilities, and overall design. The only downside was for him the price, which he found a bit inflated for the amount of features. I believe he will be very pleased to see this discount himself!

 Why you should consider the Beats Studio Buds

NextPit Beats Studio Buds case open
Elegant but discreet. / © NextPit

To answer that question let us dig a little bit deeper into the features, of those truly premium buds. Starting from the design, it is obvious that Apple wanted to go for a well balanced approach to please their audience that simply dislikes the bold curves of the AirPods, that recently got even bolder with the announcement of AirPods 3

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Instead, the Beats are a discreet pebble-like shape, with a rounded rectangle top that features the famous logo. They sit comfortably in the ear, without extending outside and come in three different colors. A minimal white or black, and a bright red that is reassured to go with any pop look. 

Sound-wise the Beats Studio Buds, offer pristine sound reproduction with a deep bass orientation that is consistent among the entire Beats brand. They will leave you breathless if you like POP or EDM, but for calmer genres you will need an equalizer. We feature some premium equalizers in our Free Apps of the Week, so you may want to check those from time to time.

NextPit Beats Studio Buds tes ear Benjamin
I usually dislike white buds but these look really nice!/ © NextPit

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the ANC capabilities that my colleague described as “convincing.” The ANC holds up to the price-tag and works considerably well, if the user wears the buds firmly, but he did note this is a process that takes trial and error, and that the Beats Studio Buds lack some of the more modern features of other flagship buds, like the Sony WF-1000XM4.

To close, it is important to mention that the Studio Buds offer decent battery life, with 8 hours of reproduction without ANC and 5 hours with the feature enabled. The case offers a total of 24 hours of charge and they can offer 1 hour of listening with just 5 minutes of charging to never miss a beat of your favourite music.

Do you think the Beats Studio Buds are still relevant after the AirPods 3 release? Let us know in the comments!


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