Saturday, October 23, 2021

Update Your New iPhone or iPad to Avoid an Annoying Bug – Review Geek

The full iPhone 13 lineup.

Are you an Apple Music user with a new iPhone 13, iPad Mini, or 9th gen iPad? Then you should update your device today. Otherwise, Apple says that you may encounter a bug that breaks Apple Music.

According to Apple, people who set up their new iPhone or iPad from an older device are having trouble opening the Apple Music app. They’re also unable to get into the app’s settings or sync their library from the cloud.

To update your new iPhone or iPad, simply go into Settings and open the General tab. Then, scroll down to Software Update. Your device may take a moment to search for new updates, but when it finds one, press Install.

You may notice that the release notes for this update do not mention Apple Music. That seems to be a small oversight from Apple, as the company specifically mentions the Apple Music bug on its Support page.

Source: Apple via The Verge


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