The Go Go Bots logo over a colorful backdrop.

If you loved the first two Monument Valley games, we have great news for you. No, it’s no Monument Valley 3, that’s still in development. But Ustwo, the company behind Monument Valley, does have a new game. It’s called Go Go Bots, and you can play the game on Facebook today.

You can play Go Go Bots on Facebook’s instant gaming platform. That means there’s nothing to download, either browse to the link or go to the gaming tab in the Facebook app.

The game itself is fairly intuitive and straightforward. You control a robot who climbs a wall by leaping from grip to grip. Depending on the robot, there’s a maximum number of holds you can jump across in one action, and you’ll have to watch for hazards. A timer keeps track of how fast you beat a level, and you can only hold in one place for so long before you fall.

You can pick from five different robots, each with their own abilities, and the game features both single and multiplayer modes.

Facebook and Ustwo collaborated on the game to add social elements, and the companies hope the game will connect people. It’s hard to say no to a free game with no downloads. You can play Go Go Bots right now.

Source: Ustwo via The Verge


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