Pleasingly for new EV drivers, there’s nothing threatening or complex about the Corsa. The ‘fuel filler’ is in the conventional place and the controls will be familiar to anyone who drives petrol or diesel cars: there’s practically nothing to learn except how to access some new displays in the instrument pack. It’s simple.

It’s going to be interesting discovering whether 209 miles is enough range. I live in a rural area of Gloucestershire with 7kW home charging available, so journeys within a 90- to 100-mile radius will be easy. But I often drive farther afield, which means I’ll need to dip into public charging. At present, I find that prospect quite exciting, but will things stay that way?

Love it:

Power delivery Corsa-e has strong performance off the mark, like nearly all EVs. It’s smooth and practically silent but for the daintiest of gear whines.

Loathe it:

Rear knee room This isn’t the smallest car in the supermini class, but its rear leg room is nothing to shout out about. Front seat room is generous, though.

Mileage: 330

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Life with a Vauxhall Corsa: Month 3

Lockdown benefits to fuel consumption – 22 July 2020

If our lockdown experience with the Corsa is being repeated across the country, fuel consumption must be falling everywhere. Our figure for the past 750 miles has risen to 47.7mpg, reflecting the fact the car spends less time at 60mph-plus, so it’s not battling aero drag as much as usual. Given the excellence of the engine, its frugality comes as a huge bonus.

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Mileage: 5277

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Could this be an ideal car to have during a lockdown? – 17 June 2020

The other day, as I pulled out from the kerb after one of my sporadic visits to the local Marks & Sparks food store, it occurred to me that you could hardly want a better lockdown car than this 1.2-litre Corsa Ultimate. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

What you need is docility, ease of driving, enough space, a decent boot, a sensible touring range (to forestall unnecessary disease-laden trips to filling stations) plus enough enjoyment built into your meagre bits of driving – for me, M&S is an eight-mile round trip – to make it something better than a chore.

I’ve really come to like the smooth thrum of the 99bhp three-cylinder engine and I’m as convinced as ever that no human could wield a stick shift and friction clutch to match the smoothness of the eight-speed automatic gearbox. On efficiency, the score’s on the board: for all our short-hauling, the Corsa’s overall fuel consumption sits steady at 45mpg.



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