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VDOT suggests having a Winter emergency driving kit in your car

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – Despite the warmer than average temperatures today, Jan. 14, 2020, it is still important to be prepared for emergency situations on the road during the Winter months.

Sandy Myers with VDOT says, one of the best ways to be ready, is to have an emergency Winter driving kit in your car.

That kit should include items such as:

– Flashlights

– Batteries

– Jumper cables

– Phone chargers

– Blankets or quilts

– Ice scrapers and shovels

– Non perishable food and bottled water

She says, in the event of an emergency in deep snow, it is not safe to keep your car running. This could potentially cause the exhaust to back up into the vehicle, causing carbon monoxide to build up.

“But the first thing should be to ensure that you are pulled off onto a safe area and you can stay in the vehicle safely,” Myers said. “If not, then maybe you would have to make a judgement to leave the vehicle. So you definitely want to have an emergency kit.”

Myers says it is also crucial in the Winter, to make sure your car is in good shape. She suggests getting everything checked out from your breaks, to tires, fluids, oil levels, ignition, and engine.

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