Polestar 2 offers a multi-layered dashboard design and has a traditional driver instrument design that isn’t available in the Tesla. Polestar 2 also boasts some strong eco-credentials inside, as the seats and carpets are made from vegan and recycled materials.

If you opt for the pilot package, this includes adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist traffic line recognition and autonomous emergency braking. In theory, you can turn these on, and the car will drive itself around corners. Maybe trial this before you rely on it though.

Tesla’s autopilot self-driving feature is arguably more reliable than Polestar’s and inspires a bit more confidence when you’re behind the wheel but not actually touching it.

Tech-wise, the Tesla is basically a gadget on wheels. Even on the entry-level mode, you get a 15-inch screen, on-board Wi-Fi, sat nav, split folding rear seats and a reversing camera. There’s also a solid suite of entertainment features including YouTube, Netflix and karaoke.

The Tesla Model 3 feels luxurious inside, from the bigger sunroof to the materials used in the premium bundle.


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