RICHMOND, Va. — It happened so fast, Jake Soble said he did not have time to react.

“The only thing that was going through my mind was to not lose control [of my car] or lose the car the ice came off of,” the Richmond man.

Soble was driving a friend from Richmond to the Fredericksburg area on Saturday when ice flew off a car ahead of him on Interstate 95 and smashed into his windshield.

flying ice.jpg

Jake Soble

“The other driver took off,” he said. “I managed to follow them and eventually got them to pull over. They were oblivious and still had snow halfway up their windshield.”

Soble said the drivers exchanged insurance information and no one was hurt.

Jake Soble Ice window 02 - Copy.jpg

Jake Soble

Safety experts urged all drivers to clear snow and ice off their cars before driving.



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