Independent developer Casey Liss has today released an incredibly useful new Contacts utility for iOS. Dubbed Vignette, the app allows you to easily update contact images in one batch. To find images, it scans various social networks and matches that information to your contacts.

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Vignette works by scanning your Contacts for email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram integration. Email addresses are matched against avatar service Gravatar. If Vignette successfully finds a profile on one of those social networks, it will suggest updating that person’s profile picture.

When you scan your Contacts, Vignette will display a list of all the matches it found. You can then choose to update all of them, or only pick the ones that fit your needs. You can run the process several times as you add more social network and email data to your Contacts app on iOS. Here’s how Liss describes the app:

Vignette allows you to add photos to your contacts by searching public social media profiles. If multiple options are found, it’s easy to select the one you wish to use. If the existing image is special or more representative of the contact, it can be kept.

Vignette works by scanning your contacts and seeing what information it can amass about their social media presence. That means that Vignette is only as good as the information you provide to it.

Liss says that “privacy is paramount” when it comes to Vignette. This means that all processing is done on-device, and your contacts never leave your device and are never uploaded to a server.

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Vignette is available on the App Store as a free download. You can run the match process for free, then purchase a one-time $5 in-app purchase to save the updates to your contact list. You can read more about the app on Liss’ website.

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