BEIJING: Hundreds of pedestrians in Tianjin have been punished for looking at their phones or other devices while crossing the road.

Since Jan 1, the municipality – one of the first in the country to enact such a rule – has been regulating such behaviour and has punished at least 345 pedestrians.

The regulation stipulates that distracted pedestrians first receive a warning or possibly a fine of 50 yuan (RM31) if they refuse to

correct their behaviour, said Xing Yi, deputy director of the order management department under the Tianjin Traffic Police Headquarters.

“The warning is not a simple reminder like verbal persuasion. It is a legal process with a legal punishment notice issued to the pedestrians, ” Xing said.

Those who refuse to cooperate with traffic police or whose deeds harm other people’s traffic security will be fined 50 yuan, he said.

Zhou Xin, deputy division head of the Nanjing Road Police Area, said he issued such punishments four to five times daily, and the legal warning was effective in most cases. — China Daily/ANN



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