Thursday, May 19, 2022

Want to travel down the Nile in VR? Then watch this new BBC VR series

BBC has a new interactive experience for you to enjoy.

Last year, the broadcasting company, which is well-known for its radio plays, announced interactive plays that listeners could tune into via an Amazon Echo or Google Home and actively participate in the story. Now, it is launching another innovative effort, called Damming the Nile VR. It’s described as a “two-part virtual reality news documentary series” that explores “the water politics of the river Nile”.

It’s produced by BBC VR Hub and BBC News, and is available now via a new BBC VR app on the Oculus Gear VR store for Samsung Gear VR users. Those of you who try it will be transported down the famous river and immersed in stunning sights and dramatic sounds. You’ll travel through canyons and fly above waterfalls, following BBC Africa Correspondent Alastair Leithead on an assignment. 

In the story, you’ll get a unique perspective of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which “threatens to upset the balance of power between neighbours and rivals Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan”. Damming the Nile VR will help you to learn more about the dispute while being able to hear from the locals, whether it’s the people in the cafés of Khartoum and on streets or the richest man in Sudan.

You’ll also get to explore the dam up-close and see the Sudanese pyramids and Egyptian temples from a hot air balloon. Consider this a fully immersive VR film that’s stereoscopic with spatialised audio. Google Cardboard headset users can even watch it. However, both parts of Damming the Nile will be able to be viewed with or without a VR. It’ll be available to watch on and on YouTube.

Alongside Damming the Nile VR, BBC VR Hub is launching a new BBC VR app on the Oculus Gear VR store, which you can go to for more mobile VR experiences, both old and new, such as The Turning Forest, Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, Himalayas: A Trek to School, and Bloodhound.


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