With Discovery Plus freshly launched, putting up 55,000 episodes worth of Discovery network classics, new and old, many are no doubt excited to get in on the action and begin their weeks-long, 24/7 Mythbusters binge. But some of you may be wondering how to access the latest contender for your monthly subscription wallet via your TV and traditional cable; I mean, it’s the Discovery Channel, it has to be on TV right? Well.

What Channel is Discovery Plus on Spectrum Cable?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the same Discovery channel you grew up with; Discovery Plus is only a subscription-based streaming service and won’t be airing on Spectrum or any other cable provider. Indeed, the very premise of Discovery Plus is that it scoops the Discovery Network’s enormous programming catalog and puts all in one place off TV — placing everything from HGTV, The Food Network, the new Magnolia Network, Animal Planet, the Science Channel etc into your hands through a single portal.

But rejoice! There are numerous ways to get in on the fun, and on almost any screen you choose. The subscription service operates much in the same way as any other major streaming platform and can be found on iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Web, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV. If you want to watch any of your favorite Discovery Plus shows on TV, boot up a Chromecast, use Apple Airplay, or just go the good old’ HDMI route.

Wondering about what kind of shows you’ll be able to find on Discovery Plus? Check out the 10 Biggest Shows on Discovery Plus.

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