What is Stock Android?

Well, a lot of people might think it is the Android system from Google without being modified by the OEM, that is a pure unadulterated mobile experience with any form of bloatware.

If you are frequent on tech blogs and forums, you will see people talking about Stock Android and its importance. Some say it is the fastest interphase on Android Smartphone.

While some other people with Oneplus or Xiaomi smartphones might beg to differ. It’s all about offering a different user interface for each user depending on the brand. Even the Pixel smartphones don’t have the Stock Android, with Google modifying parts of it. Nonetheless, all Android phones will still have the same traits and look similar overall.

Stock Android might be a thing of the past soon when most OEM these days have their own unique user interface. There are lot of software that makes a phone work. We may not know this because most times we just want to tap and swipe through our Android phone.

But under this scrolling and behind everything we see on the screen, is a software underneath which is doing all the work. This same software runs your Apps, makes sure your WiFi is working perfectly and other things. The operating system on our Android phone does more than we think it does and is very vital.

Does Stock Android Matter Anymore?

What Stock Android is all About

The Android system on your smartphone wasn’t just made by Google, it includes some components from the other OEM as well. What we think is a combination of the operating system is actually just a part of it.

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We typically use the word Android for a lot of things, especially the operating system. But realistically, its just part of an operating system, Android is one of the parts of your phone’s software, not a combination of those parts.

For example, some parts of the operating system on the Galaxy S10 was made by Google, other parts from Qualcomm and of course Samsung also contributed. These companies need to work together to create an Operating System, making the Stock Android partially extinct. Even though Android does most of the work on the system, it’s unethical to call it a Stock Android. In fact, none of the Android phones has a Stock Android, they are all modified to an extent.

Although they are all identical in some way because according to Google, that’s the only way they could access all Google services including the Play Store. Nonetheless, each OEM tries as much as possible to tweak the operating system to match their brand and give users a unique experience. And in doing so many of them over tweak it with loads of bloatware hence the Google pixel devices with little modification is often being referred to as running stock Android

It wasn’t always that way though, but with time the company needs a thing or two that isn’t “Android”. So visually it doesn’t feel the same way when we operate different Android phones, but they are still running on Android. What is important for Android is that they can all use Google Play and other Google services.

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In 2018, OEMs are trying to improve their user’s experience, including Google. Change is inevitable.



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