What to Do When Your Roof Starts Leaking?

Nothing can be more annoying and dangerous than a leak in our roof.

At some point, most people have experienced bad times as a result of annoying holes/ leaks. Roof leaks are a consequence of holes, or in case of having neighbors above, a broken pipe; for these cases, it will always be necessary to have domestic appliances insurance.

Domestic appliances insurance can cover all repair and damage costs caused by the water that has leaked.

In the next post, we will show you some of the things you can do to fix leaks yourself while professional help arrives

How to Fix Your Roof Leaks Temporarily

The first thing you have to do when fixing roof leaks is knowing the exact spot where the leaks are and what is causing them.

There are some temporary solutions which you can apply to get rid of leaks for a determined period of time.

➔   Install roof patches

One effective solution to repair roof leaks from the inside of the house is to carefully install what is known as a roof patch. Once you locate the leak, I will be enough to put on the patch correctly and then seal it with putty.

➔   Apply tar to the roof

Tar is considered one of the most affordable, most effective and fastest products to fix leaks temporarily. This repair needs to be done from the exterior of the house.

➔   Coat the roof

Roof coatings are made of materials that will waterproof your roof. It is vital that you choose the most suitable one.

Leaks are not Because of the Rain? Here is How to Solve That.

If you have neighbors living upstairs or are close to the building’s pipeline, the leaks are likely caused by elements other than those in your home.  

After identifying the origin of the leaks, you have two options: talk to those responsible for fixing the problem or contact your domestic appliances insurance so they can detect the causes, and damages can be then covered by whoever is liable.

Damages a Roof Leak Can Cause

Fixing leaks is essential to be able to keep your home in optimal conditions. Leaks can cause damages to both the painting and the coatings; they can also cause fungus.

Likewise, leaks can cause severe damage to your appliances. This is because they are electrical and the continuous humidity from the leaks may cause short circuits, causing irreversible damage.

Remember: repairing leaks on your own is a temporary solution. Counting on professional help and  domestic appliances insurance is always the best choice.


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