Are you full of neon sunshine or more of a gray overcast? Maybe you’re neither and more into the Mario red! No matter your personality, there’s a Joy-Con color for you. While the Nintendo Switch has a large variety of Joy-Con colors to choose from, choosing the right one is extremely important. The Joy-Cons are one of the Nintendo Switch’s premier features, and while there are plenty of controllers for the Nintendo Switch, nothing beats the style and finesse of a set of neon Joy-Cons. Here are all of the Joy-Con colors.

All available Joy-Con colors

A household favorite

Nintendo Switch Neon Red And Neon BlueSource: iMore

Neon Red and Blue is your typical Neon Joy-Con, something that comes standard with a certain Switch. If you want to stay close to your roots with the Red and Blue, they’re a great pick. You might not stand out in a Nintendo crowd, but you’ll still look pretty cool.

Neon Red and Neon Blue

This set of Joy-Cons come with most versions of the Nintendo Switch and are fairly common. Their color definitely pops and helps your console stand out.

Bold and classic

Nintendo SwitchSource: iMore

Gray is the most common color of Joy-Cons out there. They’re standard with most Switches and definitely won’t have you standing out. They blend in with the dock, the Switch, the bumpers, and the Comfort Grip. If your ideal situation is to blend in with the crowd, then these are the Joy-Cons for you.


A default pair of Joy-Cons, ideal if you want to match your Joy-Cons with the rest of your Nintendo Switch accessories.

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A hint of royalty

Neon Purple And Neon OrangeSource: iMore

These Neon Purple and Neon Orange Joy-Cons have a spooky vibe to them, don’t they? They also complement each other quite nicely. The orange and purple envoke memories of the battlefields of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, in my humble opinion.

Neon Purple and Orange

A gorgeous combo of Joy-Con colors that feels like a call to action. Let them know you mean business with this set.

Feels like a summer breeze

Blue And Neon Yellow Joy ConSource: iMore

Another color combo that evokes the feelings of summer, the Neon Blue and Neon Yellow feel fresh and clean and perfectly pair with a calming stroll through Yoshi’s Crafted World, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Blue and Neon Yellow

The Neon Blue and Neon Yellow set are nice and chill, perfect for relaxing in the grass or on the couch.

Punk vibes

Neon Red And Neon GreenSource: iMore

The vibrant Neon Green and Pink Joy-Cons look great and give off cool kid Splatoon vibes. If you’re a fan of Splatoon 2, these are the Joy-Cons for you.

Neon Green and Neon Pink

Stylish and cool, these Joy-Cons will make you look almost as cool as a Squid Kid.

Looking for another color?

The Joy-Cons above are the most available colors at most retailers, but if they don’t exactly match your personal pallet, there are other options. Remember that some of the following colors are much harder to find or have been discontinued, so you may have to resort to shopping on eBay.

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Although this isn’t a pre-assembled Joy-Con, it’s a cool mod you can do on your own. With this casing, you can see all the insides of the Joy-Cons, and it’s as extreme as it was in the 90s.

$25 at Amazon

This set of neon yellow Joy-Con controllers were released to coincide with the launch of ARMS. These bright controllers are hard to miss — You might even be able to see them in the dark. They’re pretty hard to come across, so you may have to pay a bit more to grab a pair.

$160 at Amazon

You can liven up your Switch with a set of reds (officially called “Neon Red”) to pair up with your standard set.

$120 at Ebay

Nintendo released an Animal Crossing-themed Switch bundled with the new game. The only way to get this beautiful pair of pastel-colored Joy-Cons is by buying the bundle. However, on eBay is an option to buy replacement shells already assembled to new Joy-Cons in the same colors.

$70 at Ebay

This set of Joy-Cons match a certain scared plumber’s attire and are the perfect controllers to use when playing the new game. The color was a Best Buy exclusive, but now you’re better off trying to find a pair from a reseller or customizing a pair yourself.

$70 at Ebay

If you’d prefer to revel in nostalgia, you should probably get your hands on these SNES-style controllers as well. If you’re comfortable doing the replacements and starting a collection, these controllers would look great with all the vintage gaming gear on your shelf.

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$25 at Amazon

Blue is a trendy color, so much so that they are nearly impossible to find nowadays. If you really want this pair, you’re probably going to have to buy them used.

$130 at Ebay

Get your favorite color Joy-Cons more easily and change them whenever you want with a silicone cover. This seller even states that you can contact them if you’d like a combination of colors.

$9 at Amazon

If you’d prefer more unique color options, consider switching out the shell of your Joy-Cons. There are 11 awesome colors to choose from. Just keep in mind that replacing the shell voids the warranty on your controllers. But if the warranty is already up, there’s nothing to lose. This company also offers replacement backplates for your Switch console.

$21 at Amazon

What’s your favorite color?

There’s a plethora of official and unofficial options to upgrading your gear to your exact taste. Just make sure that you’re buying an official product if you decide to go third-party, and remember that certain customization options will void your warranty, so be warned.

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