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Whiteout conditions lead to 40-car pileup in Iowa

NEWTON, Ia. (KCCI) – Around noon just west of Newton, Joe Clayton from Waterloo was skidding in his semi-truck into what would become a 40-car pileup.

“That’s when the second impact from the truck that was behind me smashed the trailer towards the truck. So I got to react to that, get out of the way because i had the door open trying to get out. So I kicked it. And when I realized that I said, ‘Come on man we got to go.;” said truck driver Joe Clayton.

Clayton said his truck was totaled in the crash; his son and dog riding with him were unharmed. There were some serious injuries, however.

Amazingly, the Iowa State Patrol is not reporting any deaths in the pile-up despite early reports and jaw-dropping damage.

You can hear the fear in the state troopers’ voices as they try to get the stampeded of cars, SUVs, and semi trucks to come to a halt.

“We can’t get to anybody right now. It’s too dangerous for us to check on people.”

Many of the cars were taken to the Iowa Speedway.

KCCI video taken around 4:00 shows the first few cars and semis dropped dropped off some nearly crumpled like a tin can.

“DOT came in to clear some areas. Starting to take on some of the damaged vehicles, equipment, in efforts to help get the interstate open,” said Tyler Clement, director of operations at Iowa Speedway.

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