Friday, July 30, 2021
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Windows 11: This is the new and improved Ink Workspace panel

Windows 11 includes a brand new Ink Workspace panel that is a huge improvement over the current Windows 10 one. This new version of the Ink Workspace is customizable, allowing creators to pin any apps they’d like to a quick-launch bar that is easily accessible via a pen peripheral.

The previous version of the Ink Workspace was limited to the snipping tool and the Microsoft Whiteboard app. On Windows 11, the user is able to configure the Ink Workspace to show shortcuts to any installed Windows app, whether they be pen optimized or not. You can pin up to four apps to appear when the Pen Workspace is initiated either via the Taskbar button or via a physical button on your pen.

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The Ink Workspace also features a new UI, which matches the rest of the Windows 11 rounded Fluent style. It features a suble acrylic blur effect in the app selection list too, which is always a nice touch. The “pin apps” list also has a suggested area which prioritizes apps that appear to be marked as pen compatible, such as OneNote or Photoshop.

It’s crazy that the old Ink Workspace wasn’t customizable like it is on Windows 11, but it’s good to finally see Microsoft add this obvious functionality.


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