WhatsApp is finally doing something about annoying groups. In our camera blind test, several flagships are behind two underdogs. Here are our winners and losers of the week just gone.

Winner of the week: WhatsApp

WhatsApp as Winner of the Week? Who would have thought? Of course, there is still a lot to criticize about the popular messaging app. But finally, Facebook rolls out a feature that was urgently needed. The hyper communicative acquaintances who set up an extra WhatsApp group for every occasion, no matter how small, in which you suddenly find yourself, are now under control. Groups in which floods of news arrive that has nothing to do with the actual topic could be a thing of the past. It’s not the most beautiful thing: conversations that only concern two people, but are conducted in a group. Sometimes, you’re happy when you wake up to just 50 unread WhatsApp messages.

But now finally you can stop the hustle and bustle. Because honestly, groups are often annoying, and rarely useful. If blocking is the only way to avoid this, I’ll be changing my WhatsApp settings now. WhatsApp now lets you control how you get added to groups, and that’s a good thing.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 7T Pro Back
The camera of the OnePlus 7T Pro convinced you guys and girls in our blind test / © AndroidPIT

Loser(s) of the Week: several flagships at once

We took pictures, you looked and voted. This week we published the results of our camera blind test. The voting surprised us. The OnePlus 7T Pro won, followed by the Realme X2 Pro. Behind them was the iPhone 11 Pro, the Google Pixel 4 XL, the Galaxy Note 10+ and at the bottom the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

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Before complaints come: the camera blind test is not a test under laboratory conditions. It’s not supposed to be. It’s more about which photos you liked best. And in the end, a smartphone landed in first place whose camera is usually criticized because it cannot keep up with the more expensive flagships. And then there’s the Realme X2 Pro, which starts at $399! Neither OnePlus nor Realme have to hide. But the others can no longer rest on their reputation as top camera smartphones.

Who were your winners and losers this week? Let us know!



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