Saturday, June 25, 2022

WWDC: Apple confirms date and time of its next major event, with updates expected for iPhone and more

Apple has confirmed the date and time of its next major event: the WWDC keynote.

The company had already shared some details for the annual event, which focuses on software updates for all of its products.

But it has now confirmed that it will kick off with a presentation on 6 June at 10am local pacific time. That is 6pm in the UK, or 1pm in New York.

It gave little clue about what the event will include, beyond a tagline reading “Swiftly approaching”. That is a joke about Apple’s programming language Swift.

It also said that event will include announcements on “Apple’s latest software and technologies”. As well as a picture of a number of people in different colours.


The event runs for a week, from 6 June to 10 June. The keynote is always held on the first morning, before being followed by a more technical presentation and then a range of more specific updates aimed at developers.

Apple’s WWDC will be held primarily online this year, though it is also inviting some attendees to watch its online event from its Apple Park headquarters. That is also said to include a look at Apple’s new Developer Center, which is thought to be a devoted building on its campus.

WWDC is likely to include updates to the software that powers all of Apple’s major products: the iPhone, Mac, Watch, TV and more. It might also include hardware announcements – though nothing has been firmly rumoured – as well as potentially offering a look at its still secret, but widely rumoured, augmented reality headset.


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