Friday, October 22, 2021
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Xiaomi vs Lithuania: Will you get rid of your Chinese smartphone?

Do you plan to get rid of your Chinese smartphone as recommended by the Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Defense, Margiris Abukevicius?

If you haven’t been following this soap opera, Xiaomi and Huawei were under the spotlight on Wednesday, September 22, based on a report from Lithuanian authorities. The report accused some of the manufacturers’ 5G smartphones of posing as a cybersecurity risk, in addition to threatening data protection and freedom of expression of users in Europe.

Xiaomi and Huawei reacted very quickly by rejecting these as unfounded accusations while reiterating their commitments in terms of data protection of their users as well as their compliance, right down to the letter, of the RGPD.

Has the Lithuanian report changed your perspective of Xiaomi?

In any case, every smartphone manufacturer is subject to a scandal at some point. And at NextPit, we’d like to launch some sort of trust barometer for the various brands. Do you remember that a few months back, we already asked you in a survey which particular smartphone brand you trust the most and whether your trust level in Chinese brands have dipped?

Based on the same structure below, the idea would be to ask you the two questions below on a regular basis – perhaps monthly or quarterly (we’ll see) and then compare the possible differences in your answers. (Let me know in the comments whether you prefer a monthly or quarterly format).

Which smartphone brand(s) do you trust?

Do you distrust Chinese smartphones?

I would like to remind you that you can still have a preference for Xiaomi without being a sleeper agent of Beijing and you can question the data protection and cybersecurity of Chinese products without being prejudiced in any way. “Fanboyism” in tech, just like ideology in politics, cuts both ways in a constructive debate. If you’re going to be a champion of anything, don’t do it for free, and especially not in our comments section! But I trust you to enrich the discussion and not hijack it!

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Thank you in advance to all those who will participate in the survey. I would also like to invite you to explain or argue for your choices in the comments section. I’ll see you on Monday to discuss the results.


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