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Yamaha’s soundbars have wowed us, with many receiving our top recommendations in different categories. Yamaha’s latest entry, the YAS-207, marks a major step forward. It is the first soundbar to add DTS Virtual:X technology. DTS Virtual:X is such a significant and impressive feature that owners of previous-generation, entry-level Yamaha soundbars will want to upgrade to it.

Slim profile with a wireless sub

Yamaha’s YAS-207 is a slimline soundbar and wireless subwoofer package. While the YAS-207’s rectangular design won’t win any awards, it will certainly appeal to customers who want a soundbar with a small footprint and a wall-mount option. Yamaha includes a template so you know exactly where to drill the holes. No special hardware is required to wall mount the YAS-207, though you will need to provide the appropriate screws. You can also put the YAS-207 on top of or inside a cabinet. There are no on-board EQ options to compensate for those different placements.

Yamaha YAS-207 sound bar with wireless subwoofer. Yamaha

Yamaha YAS-207 soundbar with its wireless subwoofer.

The included wireless subwoofer eschews the square box design of most subs. Instead, Yamaha’s wireless sub is vertically tall and thin. The front-ported sub looks more like a tower computer, making it perfect to fit near a couch or tight spaces. The subwoofer’s volume can be controlled independently of the main soundbar, so you can tweak it to your taste. There’s an optional bass boost feature on the remote that further enhances the low end. I don’t like the bloated effect that results from by those gimmicky features, though I know some consumers like them. It’s there if you need it.

When I unpacked the soundbar and wireless sub, the two came pre-paired and ready to go. I deliberately unpaired the wireless sub to see how difficult it would be should a user have pairing problems. Re-pairing the sub was easy. I would simply caution that you need to be attentive to the specific procedure listed in the manual or the pairing won’t work.

A quality remote and mobile app

The Yamaha’s remote control is far better than most at this price point. Buttons are logically laid out with reasonably large type. The remote isn’t backlit, but the buttons have different shapes and colors so you can easily make them out in either dim lighting conditions or without looking. Yamaha is among the few soundbars at this price point to come with a complementary mobile app that takes care of all your control needs. All I had to do was connect the YAS-207 via Bluetooth, download the Yamaha Home Theater app on my iOS device, and I was in business.

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The remote is clearly organized and you can easily find buttons in dimly lit rooms or without lookin Theo Nicolakis

The remote is clearly organized and you can easily find buttons in dimly lit rooms or even without looking.

All the inputs you need

The YAS-207 provides you with HDMI, Toslink optical, Bluetooth, and analog inputs. It is very unusual that you get both an HDMI input and HDMI output at this price. The HDMI output supports HDMI’s audio return channel (ARC), so a single HDMI cable can be used to send AV signals to the TV as well as receive audio back from the TV over the same  cable. HDMI ARC is a neat feature, though you’ll need to make sure that your TV’s CEC option is enabled for ARC to work. Most TVs come with the HDMI CEC turned off by default.

The supported HDMI version isn’t explicitly stated, but it is most likely HDMI 2.0a since Yamaha states the YAS-207 supports 4K UHD signals with HDR (high dynamic range). Supporting video signals is typically irrelevant, since most people use a soundbar for  processing only audio. Nevertheless, there are situations where it’s handy and practical to have an HDMI input on the soundbar.



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