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Microsoft To Do makes it easy to share tasks and lists between devices and other people. But until recently, you couldn’t share lists between personal accounts and work accounts. A recent update to Microsoft To Do brings support for sharing lists between the two types of accounts.

Before this update, you could only share lists between personal accounts or between work (or school) accounts within the same organization. Now, you can easily share lists across account types.

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Microsoft explains all of the different scenarios you can share lists in a Tech Community post:

  • Sharing between personal Microsoft accounts.
  • Sharing between accounts within the same place of work or education.
  • Sharing between personal accounts and work accounts. Work accounts can join lists owned by personal accounts provided enterprise admins have enabled this feature for their respective organizations. However, personal accounts cannot join lists owned by work accounts.

While many people like to keep their work and personal lives separate, there are times when you need to share lists across different types of accounts. Microsoft shares some examples of when you might want to share across account types:

Whether it’s a grocery list that your spouse wants to share from a personal account with your work account or a work-related list that an external vendor team can share from their personal accounts with your work account, collaborating on To Do has never been easier.

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