Thursday, May 19, 2022

You can use Android Messages for web on PC without browser using this client

For years now, Google has been trying to create a universal messaging platform for the Android OS which could not only span across the thousands of different models but work in sync across the desktop platform. With the release of Android Messages, that vision is finally being brought to life and Android now has a messaging client that is ready to rival Apple’s iMessage service.

Android Messages for Web: How to get it, tips, hacks, and all you need to know

The Mountain View company recently announced their plans to bring cross-device messaging through Android Messages for Web. While the fact that you can now text directly from your computer is exciting, the fact that you have to keep a tab on your browser open constantly can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have multiple browser tabs open at all times. While Google is planning to bring an Android Messages client to Chrome OS soon, it doesn’t seem Windows users will be receiving an official installable client any time soon.

This is where GitHub user chrisknepper has jumped in to save the day by bringing an unofficial Android Messages Desktop client for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. This client essentially brings all of the power of the Android Messages for Web browser features to your computer as an installable program.

→ Download: Android Messages Desktop client | Project homepage

Make sure that you head to the download page below and install the correct file based on your operating system, which is exe for Windows, dmg for Mac, and deb, snap, or AppImage for Linux.


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