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10 useful places to put your Apple AirTags

Key Takeaways

  • AirTags are excellent for tracking and preventing the loss of important items such as bags, wallets, and keys.
  • They can be strategically placed in hidden areas of vehicles like cars, bikes, or scooters for tracking purposes, especially useful in theft or forgetful situations.
  • Attaching AirTags to pets’ collars or incorporating them into children’s clothing offers added safety and reassurance.

Misplacing things is always a frustrating affair, and having something to remind you where they are and keep you from losing your favorite items is nothing to scoff at. However, if you’ve just got yourself some of Apple’s AirTags, or maybe you got a four-pack awhile ago, and only used a couple of them, you might be wondering how to use them to the fullest. One or two places to put them might be obvious, but what should you do with the rest of your trackers?


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I’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best places to put your AirTags — both the obvious ones, but also some that are a bit more creative. However, finding the best place to hide your AirTags is not the only part of making the most of your little tracking devices — you should also know all the tips and tricks for using them.

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Here are 10 useful places to put your AirTags, so you can finally start using them to their full potential.

Get a special keychain

Airtag on a backpack

Getting an AirTag attached to your wallet, bag or backpack, or keys is probably the first place you’ll think about — and for good reason. These are the things that are generally the most important for you — you have your ID, credit cards and cash there, along with other personal items or tech in your bag or backpack. You can get a special keychain to strap the device to your belongings or even sew it into the lining of your bag or backpack for a more sneaky approach. You can never be too careful with these essentials, so getting an AirTag strapped to them will give you peace of mind for sure.

2 Hide an AirTag in your car

Remember where you parked

genesis face connect

You might think that losing something as big as your car is — to put it lightly — quite a challenge. However, once you visit a really enormous parking lot, or just leave your car parked at the airport when flying on vacation, you’ll be glad to have something to remind you where you parked, making returning home much less stressful. Plus, if you get extremely unlucky and your vehicle gets stolen, you’ll also be able to easily track it and inform the police where to find it. Just remember not to confront the thief yourself and leave it to law enforcement to handle. Also, it goes without saying, but don’t try to use an AirTag to stalk someone.


Apple updates AirTag to prevent secret tracking or stalking

Apple has updated its AirTag tracking device to help prevent unwanted tracking or stalking further.

Best chance to recover it


The same as your car, strapping an AirTag to your bike or a scooter might seem like a stretch, but it’s a great way to keep track of your gear when using it to commute. It not only helps you remember where you left your vehicle, but in case it gets stolen, it’s also the best chance to recover it. Just remember that you should place an AirTag somewhere discrete, and not in an obvious place, so don’t go for the obvious under seat or hubcap placement. Find a place where it’ll be harder to detect, so that the eventual thief will have a harder time getting rid of the device.

4 Track your pet with an AirTag

Get a special collar

Dog Collar AirTag


Some pets, just like people, are fond of staying at home, but some are more of an adventurous type. This might be just fine in the suburbs, but if your dog runs off in the city, it’ll be quite stressful – not to mention dangerous. Getting a special collar with a place for an AirTag will save you trouble and help you find your pet quickly so that it’s back to safety as soon as possible. You won’t have to walk around the neighborhood aimlessly looking for your dog. The AirTag will tell you exactly where they’re wandering around.

5 Use an AirTag to keep an eye on kids

Sew it into their clothing if necessary

Airtag - 1

Speaking of living beings that you take care of – you can also put an AirTag on your child (well, maybe not literally). Sew it into their jacket or put it in their pocket or a backpack to always have an eye on where your offspring is. Of course, before getting an AirTag for your child, you should ask them for their permission. You will, after all, be able to know where they are at all times. That is quite an invasive thing to be able to do to another person, even a young one. If they agree, and you feel the need to keep track of them at all times, it’s a great way to have an eye on their trip to and from school, or maybe their first outings with friends.

6 Use an AirTag to locate your kid’s toys

Strap it to a plushie

Airtags editorial-1

Speaking of children, losing track of your child’s favorite toy is one of parents’ biggest nightmares. What follows are days or weeks of profound sadness, which also means crying, moaning and terrible moods. Nothing you want from your sweet little angel. That’s why strapping an AirTag to the favorite plushie is a great idea, making sure that, even if your child pushes it out of the stroller for the thirtieth time, you’ll be able to locate and retrieve it easily. Sewing the device into a toy might be a bit of a challenge, but it’s so worth it to save you (and your child) hours of crying later.

7 Put an AirTag on your remote

No more fights or couch digging

Airtag in remote


There are stories, jokes and memes about all the cases of missing remotes, not without a reason. These small devices are extremely handy when using all kinds of TVs, Smart TV boxes or audio gear, but even the newest tech comes with the same problem — its remotes disappearing in the crack of the couch or under a blanket. If you attach an AirTag to your remote, you can avoid confusion or even a fight that might result from the missing remote. Just mark it as lost and let it play a sound, so you can find the pesky device in no time and go back to watching your favorite shows while still in a good mood.

8 Find your luggage with an AirTag

Check your bags, (mostly) worry free

Airtag luggage app

Even though airlines losing your luggage is much less common than you might think, the thought of losing all your belongings is quite terrifying. If you stick an AirTag in your luggage, you can avoid all the confusion if your bag gets sent somewhere else, making the whole ordeal that much less stressful and easier to solve. Plus, there is an added bonus. Even if it arrives without any hiccups, you’ll be able to find the luggage much more quickly when picking it up, saving you time and letting you enjoy your vacation much earlier, without the need to look for the correct bag!

9 Safeguard important tech with an AirTag

Get a special case

Apple finally launches its long-awaited AirTags photo 1

Your most used tech – your phones, tablets or laptops – usually have some kind of Find My Device system that lets you find them if lost. These are extremely useful if you forget your phone in a café or leave your laptop at work – they help you recover them quickly and remember the last place they were seen. However, some tech still does not have this feature, and leaving your Kindle or a game pad somewhere will easily result in it getting lost.

That’s why, if you’re often out and about with some of your most important tech, strapping an AirTag to it or getting a special case with a place for an AirTag is a great choice. It lets you keep an eye on the things that you’re using the most. Also, even if your laptop, tablet or phone does have the aforementioned tracking ability, you might want to consider getting them an AirTag too. It’s much more accurate and lets you track the device in real-time, not only when it’s on, so it will make it much easier to find the device than the onboard solution.

10 Send an AirTag in an important package

apple airtag

Sending someone an important package might be a bit stressful. Yes, shipping companies offer tracking solutions and package insurance, but in the end, you’re never one hundred percent sure that what you’re sending out will arrive safely. There is a solution to the tracking problem at least – if the package is extremely important, simply put an AirTag in it with the contents.

Yes, an AirTag is an expensive thing to just send out to someone, but if you’re mailing out some important (or expensive) things, it might be a great solution that does not cost that much compared to the contents of the package. Or, if you’re sending something to a family member or a friend, you should be able to recover the AirTag quite easily, so you won’t be losing the device anyway.


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