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3 Best smart TV deals

Whether you’re getting ready for the big game or just want to upgrade to a better TV, now’s a great time to take advantage of special pre-Super Bowl sale prices. We’ve found the best smart TV deals happening now, so you can enjoy the upcoming football match (and of course, the Usher halftime concert and Taylor Swift spottings) in ultra high-def for less. Not to mention the fact that these have lots of other handy features and unlock even more great media and entertainment content.

3 Best pre-Super Bowl TV deals

the TV

Amazon Fire TV 55″ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

$330 $520 Save $190

The Amazon Fire TV 55-inch 4-Series UHD smart TV is the Goldilocks of TV deals. It’s not too big, nor too small, and is just right in terms of specs, features, and price. There’s the gorgeous and clear 4K UHD picture quality, Dolby Digital Plus, integrated Alexa voice control, four HDMI inputs for connecting gaming devices, and, of course, easy access to streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, and more. Plus, it even comes with six months free of MGM+.

The Amazon Fire TV 55-inch 4-Series UHD smart TV is an excellent midsize smart TV, hitting the sweet spot in terms of features and price. It has a 4K ultra HD screen that can support HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus, which means you get a clearer, brighter, and more vivid picture than just regular full HD. The Fire TV interface is also extremely user-friendly, and you can even use Alexa voice control to stream shows, access content, control your smart home, and more.

the 43

Insignia 43″ Class F30 Smart Fire TV

$190 $270 Save $80

Don’t let its smaller size fool you — the Insignia 43″ Class F30 Smart Fire TV packs in a lot of features, including clear ultra HD resolution that’s four times that of full HD, Alexa voice control, DTS studio sound, and access to thousands of shows, movies, and other media through the user-friendly Fire TV.

Featuring the same Fire TV interface, the Insignia 43-inch Class F30 Smart Fire TV offers similar specs and features as the above Amazon Fire TV, only on a smaller screen, which makes it a great option for bedrooms, offices, or small apartments. In addition to the crisp and clear 4K ultra HD picture level quality, this TV also creates immersive DTS studio sound through two-speaker playback. At under $200, it might finally mean you can upgrade to an UHD smart TV fit without going over budget.

the 75

LG 75″ QNED UHD Smart webOS TV

$900 $1300 Save $400

With an AI-powered processor, the LG 75″ QNED UHD Smart webOS TV offers enhanced picture detail and immersize sound that’s optimized for the room. Enter LG Filmmaker mode to enjoy a movie theater experience and use LG Game Optimizer to easily customize and access your video games.

Last but not least, the LG 75-inch QNED UHD Smart webOS TV is for those who want a bigger and better home TV setup. In addition to the 4K ultra HD resolution, the QNED display combines Quantum Dot and NanoCell color technologies to create an even brighter and more colorful picture with less distortion. It’s even got integrated AI to automatically adjust and optimize the visual and audio output based on the room lighting. In place of Fire TV, it uses the Smart webOS interface, which works equally well for accessing streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and more, and even comes with 300 free TV channels.


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