Sunday, July 14, 2024

5 Things to Know About the iOS 17.6 Update

Apple’s confirmed a new iOS 17.6 update for iPhone and the software is in beta testing ahead of its release later this year.

iOS 17.6 is a milestone upgrade, the sixth for iOS 17. Milestone upgrades often bring more than bug fixes and security patches to iPhone users.

Apple hasn’t confirmed the iOS 17.6 release date yet and we expect it to stay in testing for awhile. If you don’t want to wait for the stable release, you can try an early version of the firmware on your iPhone today.

With iOS 17.6 in development, we want to take you through everything there is to know about the next major iOS 17 update for iPhone.

Our guide will take you through the iOS 17.6 update’s known changes, what you can expect from the iOS 17.6 release date and release time, information about the beta, and more.

iOS 17.6 Beta

If you want to start using iOS 17.6 on your iPhone right now you can do so. Apple’s pushed the iOS 17.6 beta to developers and those enrolled in the Beta Software Program.

Before you download the iOS 17.6 beta on your iPhone, note that Apple’s pre-release software is always plagued with bugs and performance issues.

These issues could impact the performance of your core apps, your iPhone’s battery life, and its overall speed which can make it tricky to use as a daily driver.

You should be able to resolve some problems on your own, but some bugs and performance issues may require a fix from Apple down the road.

If you can’t stand the iOS 17.6 beta’s performance on your iPhone, you can downgrade back to iOS 17.5.1. The downgrade path to older iOS firmware is closed and won’t re-open.

iOS 17.6 Release Date

Apple hasn’t confirmed the iOS 17.6 release date, but it should arrive in July.

Last year, iOS 16.6 arrived on July 24th. In 2022, iOS 15.6 landed on July 20th. We could see Apple stick to this window for iOS 17.6’s release.

iOS 17.6 Release Time

We don’t have an official iOS 17.6 release date yet, but we know exactly when Apple will roll the software out on whatever date it chooses.

The official version of iOS 17.6 will most likely arrive in and around 10AM Pacific.

It sometimes takes a few minutes for iOS updates to show up so there’s no need to worry if you don’t see new software right away. This is also the case for new beta software.

Keep this timeline in mind if you plan to install new versions of the iOS 17.6 beta, or the official version of iOS 17.6, right away.

iOS 17.6 Features

Apple’s milestone updates (iOS x.x) typically bring new features, enhancements, security patches, and bug fixes to iPhone users, but iOS 17.6’s feature set will likely be on the lighter side.

Testers are digging through the iOS 17.6 beta right now and they’ve found one new feature: a new ‘Catch Up’ feature that’s part of the MLS Season Pass.

When users join a live stream for a game in progress, they can now catch up on the action with series clips highlighting key moments in the match.

Apple may add, or subtract, from the iOS 17.6 update’s change log as the software progresses in testing and we’ll let you know if that occurs.

iOS 17.6 Jailbreak

If you still jailbreak, make sure you avoid the iOS 17.6 beta.

Developers won’t release a tool that’s compatible with the iOS 17.6 beta. If you still like to jailbreak your iPhone, and some people still do, stay put on older iOS software.


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