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5 tips for getting the most out of Spotify Premium


Following Spotify Wrapped, it’s likely your Instagram feed is flooded with your friend’s stories proudly (or self-deprecatingly) displaying their top artists and most listened songs. If you’re still in search of a streaming service to subscribe to and want to know more about what Spotify has to offer other than fun graphics of your listening habits, then I’ve got you covered.


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As a former Apple Music turned Spotify listener, I’ve spent the past year discovering all the fun features Spotify Premium has to offer, and I can guarantee subscribing to Premium is well worth your money.

Whether you’re a current Spotify user, in search of a new streaming platform, or want to give a premium membership to your loved ones this year, here are my favorite features of Spotify Premium — along with everything else you need to know about a Spotify Premium membership.



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1 Listen to your custom ‘Daylist’

Plus, where to find it

blue gradient travel (Presentation (169))

The Daylist has to be one of my favorite new features of Spotify Premium. Every day, you get a new Daylist generated which aims to help set the tone for your day. Throughout the day, your Daylist changes its title and selections to include different genres and artists based on your previous daily listening patterns.

For example, my Daylist theme this afternoon was titled a very niche “Hopeless Romantic Cat Tuesday Afternoon” based on the accumulation of my Tuesday afternoon listening habits. Ultimately, the Daylist is a fun and unique way to listen to your favorite songs, discover new artists and to set the tone of your morning, afternoon, and evening.

Your Daylist automatically appears in your playlist section of Spotify, or you can manually search for it in your library. Use the search window and input Daylist.


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2 Blend music tastes and generate a shared playlist

A compatibility test you haven’t tried — but should


Sure, some people like to see their compatibility with others based on Zodiac signs or personality tests, but I would much rather test my chemistry by seeing how our music tastes blend. Spotify Blend gives users the ability to see how compatible their music taste is with their friends — or even successful Tinder matches, according to our Copy Editor’s experience — by providing a taste-match score, plus generating a shared playlist. I love blending my music with friends and family as a way to not just see how compatible our music tastes are but also to discover new music.

To access Blend, you go to your playlists, hit where it says Blend, then you can send out an invitation to your friends to blend music tastes together.

3 Take advantage of ‘made for you’ playlists

Spotify is known for their successful hyper-personalization

made for you

Similar to your Daylist, Spotify offers dozens of playlists specifically made for you. Every day, Spotify provides a daily mix playlist, which compiles some of your most-listened to songs with a few new songs sprinkled in based on genre or artist similarity. Other ‘made for you’ playlists include different playlists generated around your typical listening habits with a variety of songs Spotify thinks you may enjoy.

For example, if you search for a general term, mood, or a specific event like ‘Party’ or ‘Chill,’ Spotify generates a ‘made for you’ playlist with songs the platform classifies as ‘party’ or ‘chill’ music that you’ll enjoy based on your previous likes and listens. The ‘made for you’ playlists ultimately further helps Spotify standout from other music streaming services, helping subscribers discover new music, artists, and genres while still honoring your established music taste.

4 Set a Spotify sleep timer

No need to waste battery while you’re snoozing

sleep timer

If you’re like me and need music to soothe you to sleep, then you’ll love Spotify’s sleep timer. When listening to music, you can click the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the ‘Now Playing’ interface, scroll all the way down and hit Sleep Timer.

From there, you’ll get the option to choose a listening duration. Essentially, the sleep timer is wonderful for listening to music as you fall asleep without running through your whole playlist — or, having it influence your dreams with an alarming soundtrack.


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5 Add some flow with crossfade transitions

A transition your friends will be asking about


Want more of a seamless transition in between songs? Spotify’s crossfade feature allows you to have your songs blend into one another, which can sometimes create a fun, unexpectedly good remix in between songs. Who knew that the Hamilton soundtrack easily blends into any Taylor Swift song?

To turn on crossfade transitions, you have to head to the Spotify settings menu, click on ‘Playback,’ then hit Crossfade. You’ll have the option to choose how far into each song you want the next song to start fading in.

I find that this feature is especially great for listeners who — like me — have a very versatile music taste and still want to benefit from the (sometimes jarring) genre mix, but want more of a subtle transition from a classical to heavy metal tune.


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6 Listen to your favorite audiobooks

Take your favorite book on a walk


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Spotify iPhone Lock Screen Widget


Q: How much does a Spotify Premium subscription cost?

Spotify offers two plans: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. As the name suggests, Spotify Free is the free version of Spotify. Spotify Premium starts at $10.99/month and is offered in several different packages:

  • Premium Individual: $10.99/month

    • 1 premium account
    • Cancel anytime
    • 15 hours/month of listening time from audiobook catalog
  • Premium Duo: $14.99/month

    • 2 premium accounts
    • Cancel anytime
    • 15 hours/month of listening time from audiobook catalog
  • Premium Family: $16.99/month

    • Up to 6 Premium accounts
    • Parental Controls
    • Access to Spotify Kids
    • Cancel anytime
    • 15 hours/month of listening time from audiobook catalog
  • Premium Student: $5.99/month

    • 1 premium account
    • Cancel anytime
    • Access to Hulu

Q: What does Spotify Premium offer that Spotify Free doesn’t?

Spotify Free allows you to listen to ad-supported music with heavy limitations on how many times you can skip a song and the amount of songs you can queue up. Spotify Premium offers ad-free music listening, offline streaming, the ability to play songs in any order, higher audio quality, the ability to listen with friends in real time, and the ability to organize songs in your listening queue.


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