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57 of the funniest accidental image searches you’ll see

If you’ve ever needed to find a photo on the web, then you know how wonderful and powerful Google Image search can be. A quick search and you can basically find anything. Google’s image analysis algorithms are getting smarter by the day, meaning it understands images better than ever.


A mistake in your search can have hilarious results though. We’ve hunted down some of the most enjoyable image search hiccups the internet has to offer.

Join us on a journey of chortles and good times and thanks to the Twitter users who were kind enough to share their errors with the world.

Corgi Shorts

Hilarious google image searches image 28

There’s suddenly a Corgi-based theme developing here that we weren’t expecting. We assume you weren’t either? If you’re going to dress your dog up in human clothes, you might as well do it properly. Danny Phantom certainly got more than he bargained for when looking for fashion inspiration.


Hilarious google image searches image 38

Jabba the Hutt does not appreciate being referred to as a “dummy” but knowledge, as they say, is power, so we have to admire the giant nerd for trying to expand his horizons. JabbaScript is the new coding language of the Empire and you will obey.

Battle Slippers

Hilarious google image searches image 25

It’s getting to that time of year again. There’s a chill in the air, the heating is on, you’ve got cold toes – why not warm them up with a nice pair of knitted German Panzer tanks? We suspect Ophelia Brown is unlikely to be considering these as an alternative to her ballet shoes, but we sure they’re comfy and yes, we would like some for Christmas.

Holographic Cat

Hilarious google image searches image 18

With the way technology is progressing, we wouldn’t be surprised to see realistic holograms becoming mainstream in the next few years. We also wouldn’t be shocked to see the first uses being realistic projections of cats.

It’s a Tarp

Hilarious google image searches image 12

Admiral Ackbar was never a big fan of tarps. He just didn’t see the point in them. Unless you were using them as some sort of trap of course.

Dog with a Man Bum

Hilarious google image searches image 16

People search for some pretty strange things online. We’re not sure why you’d even look for either of these things, but there’s no denying the results are chortle-worthy.

Cat Owls

Hilarious google image searches image 2

Since the days of the first cat that asked “I can haz cheeseburger” cats have been the subject of many a hilarious meme and internet image. Cat owls are far more useful for chortles than they are for the storage of food.


Hilarious google image searches image 7

Birkenstocks are a brand of sandal and everyone knows it’s a sin to wear sandals and socks together, but maybe these sandal socks are acceptable? Julia certainly wasn’t disappointed with her find, but perhaps she would be if she found some in her Christmas stocking.

Nerd Stark

Hilarious google image searches image 3

Another accidental Game of Thrones image has made its way into our list by turning Eddard Stark into a massive nerd. Perhaps if he’d stuck to reading books he might have kept his head.

Bearded dragon babes

Hilarious google image searches image 5

Bearded Dragons are pretty magnificent creatures. We’re not sure we’d call them babes, but this one is a stunning example, no doubt.

Pumpkin Spiced Chair

Hilarious google image searches image 6

Pumpkin spice is incredibly popular and interest in it grows every year. People seem to want to see it used in every foodstuff imaginable, but coffees and teas are definitely a firm favourite. In her search for Chai, Chelsea Atkinson stumbled upon this beautifully dressed up chair.

Drug Snuggler

Hilarious google image searches image 8

If you’re a drug smuggler, we wouldn’t recommend trying to get through customs like this. This image from stoner film Harold and Kumar hilariously appears if you accidentally mistype “drug smuggler” in Google Image search.

War Pug

Hilarious google image searches image 4

Pugs. Is there anything they can’t do? Well, it turns out they can’t look fierce in combat armour, that’s for sure. Still, accidental searches for “war pugs” do not disappoint.

Llama Del Ray

Hilarious google image searches image 11

As album covers go, this one is something pretty special. We’re not sure if the image creator was poking fun at Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” or not, but it’s certainly a happy accidental find.

Duck Shoes

Hilarious google image searches image 9

PETA has a thing or two to say about animal fur used as clothing, but we wonder what they’d have to say about these imaginary bird shoes. Waterproof and the height of fashion? What more could you want.

Jimmy Falcon

Hilarious google image searches image 13

If American comedian, actor and television host Jimmy Fallon had talons would he look this terrific?

Is Obama Mice?

Hilarious google image searches image 15

Barack Obama has been called a few things in his time. Is he a man or is he a mouse? The answer depends on who you ask and Google might have the answers. The hilarious, big-eared answers.


Hilarious google image searches image 14

If Mike Tyson and Prince had somehow had a child, this might have been the result. In reality, this image was a tribute to Prince originally shared by Mike Tyson himself on Twitter.

Black History Moth

Hilarious google image searches image 17

With many of these doctored and Photoshopped images we wonder what the original thinking was behind their creation but instead are left marvelling at their beauty.

Vladimir Poutine

Hilarious google image searches image 10

Poutine is a famously popular Candian dish originally made with fries, cheese curds and gravy. It’s equally ridiculed and praised at the same time. Why the Russian President has some where his hair should be is beyond us.


Hilarious google image searches image 21

Some of these are simple enough. Like this image of Pokemon playing poker. A great reimaging of the classic “Dogs playing poker” oil paintings from the 1800s.

Jensen Ackles Bears

Hilarious google image searches image 19

Jensen Ackles, star of horror fantasy show Supernatural, has never looked this fabulous. We’re not quite sure why he’s been turned into a bear, nor why he’s wearing a tutu, but we love it as much as Taylor does.

Baroque Obama

Hilarious google image searches image 20

Noah Moyer’s mistype brings us the joy of Ex-President Barack Obama in full regal glory like an extra from Black Adder. Magnificent, glorious, enigmatic, just like the man himself, only with more frills.

Civil Rights Cat

Hilarious google image searches image 22

As if Barack Obama wearing a wig wasn’t enough, this little pussy might pull off the look with even more finesse. Tiddles sure looks like he knows all about the long arm of justice and he’s really tired of hearing the same old sob story.

Ryan Goosling

Hilarious google image searches image 24

Mr Gosling has been the subject of many a meme. He’s also the subject of many ladies fantasies, but we bet they never expected to see him waddling around like this. Ryan Goosling, as he shall henceforth be known, is the master of the feathered world and a magnificent beast to behold.

Tesla Cat

Hilarious google image searches image 23

Elon Musk is making some pretty special cars and, as a company, Tesla is leading the way into the automotive future. But how would anyone tame this lightening powered furball?

Tom Tanks

Hilarious google image searches image 32

There’s an iconic scene in Saving Private Ryan where Tom Hanks kills a tank with a pistol (sort of). This image search faux pas seems to ask the question – what if Tom Hanks was the tank? Whatever the thinking behind these images, Tom Tanks sure is having a stonkingly good time.

Lady and the Trump

Hilarious google image searches image 35

US President Donald Trump is the butt of many jokes and the source of great humour for the internet. An accidental mistype when searching for the classic “Lady and the Tramp” results in numerous amusing images poking fun at him with the theme from the film.

Cats of Thrones

Hilarious google image searches image 30

Game of Thrones is insanely popular, but what if the cast was made up entirely of cats? Wouldn’t the battle for the iron throne be ever so slightly more cute and far less bloody? The cat lookalikes for the Game of Thrones cast is almost too puuuurfect.

Dog Bread

Hilarious google image searches image 40

Doge sure gets around. When searching for “dog breeds” Berry was surprised to see this delicious loaf of dog bread returned instead. This dough does not disappoint.


Hilarious google image searches image 36

What would happen if you combined a Mango and a Kangaroo? A deliciously juicy and colourful creature with a strong kick. This Mangaroo is what you get if you accidentally mash the keyboard while searching on Google Images.

The Last Pupper

Hilarious google image searches image 37

The Last Supper is perhaps one of the most famous and well-known paintings ever to have existed. The original work by Leonardo Da Vinci depicts Jesus Christ’s last supper with his apostles before he announced that one of them would betray him. If his disciples had all been pooches, would things have gone so badly for the son of God?

We love this image and find it slightly hilarious that Doge is front and centre.

Cat Wedding Dress

Hilarious google image searches image 39

If a crazy cat lady got it into her head to throw a wedding ceremony for her favourite feline then this is what we’d imagine it would look like. We’re not sure how easy it would be to get a cat into an outfit like this or stop them clawing you to death when you’re putting it on, but it is something “special”.

Kimono Dragon

Hilarious google image searches image 41

Not too many people can pull off a traditional Japanese Kimono, if anyone can this glorious Komodo dragon can. We love that someone has taken the time to create this colourful masterpiece.

Dog Train

Hilarious google image searches image 43

This search is one of the only images on our list that’s actually a real thing rather than a photo that’s been edited to make it more hilarious. The image comes from an article titled “Man Builds ‘Dog Train’ To Take Rescued Pups Out On Little Adventures” which is something pretty special on its own.


Hilarious google image searches image 42

Accidental misspellings of the German Dictator’s name lead to some pretty interesting and racy results in Google Image search. If you want a chortle, you can also search for images of “sexy Hitler” for some pretty spectacular images. Once seen, they cannot be unseen. You have been warned.

Lamb Brother

Hilarious Google Image Searches image 44

When you’re searching for some inspiration for your dinner, but you accidentally mistype and discover this cuteness, you might consider becoming a vegetarian. Just two lamb brothers chilling out and sharing some peaceful time together.

Knit a butthole

Hilarious google image searches image 26

We’d imagine that knitting patterns for this sort of thing are a pretty niche market and a real eye-opener if you’re looking for buttonholes. Still, despite the subject matter, you have to admire the craftsmanship on these two.

Ariana Gandi

Hilarious google image searches image 29

Mahatma Gandhi was hardly known for his feminine wiles. He was the architect of non-violent civil disobedience and a peace-loving man known across the world for his great works. We’re not sure we remember him as being famous for having great hair. This discovery on Google Images was pretty fabulous though.

Corgo Ship

Hilarious google image searches image 27

If us Brits ever decided to reform the British Empire, then this might just be how we did it. The Queen is a well-known fan of Corgis after all. Let’s load up the invasion Corgis and get ready to bring tea and biscuits to all the four corners of the world.

Bathtub Pugs

Hilarious google image searches image 31

Lindsay got a whole lot more than she bargained for when she went to have a look for replacement plugs for her bathtub. We’re fairly certain these soapy dogs wouldn’t stop water from draining, but they surely warmed our hearts. Do Pugs ever not look daft though?

CPU Cake

Hilarious google image searches image 34

A slip of the fingers is the difference between a cupcake and a central processing unit. You have to admire the handiwork on the icing here, though we’re not sure the processing power would be up to much. A delicious mistake nonetheless.

Christ Prat

Hilarious google image searches image 33

Chris Pratt was the shepherd to the raptors in Jurrasic World, like Jesus was to his Disciples. Here, Christ Pratt is seen tending to his flock. Emily McCaslin was not disappointed with her accidental find and neither are we.


Hilarious google image searches photo 44

If you love both dogs and Spongebob Squarepants then you’re bound to approve of this wonderful work of weird internet imagery. A dog dressed as your favourite cartoon character.

Stark Trek

Hilarious google image searches photo 46

Imagine if you were searching for Star Trek photos and came across this instead? We actually like the idea of Robert Downey Jr playing a Star Trek captain. It’s perfectly reasonably to believe that Tony Stark could afford his own space vessel as well.

Steven Seagull

Hilarious google image searches photo 47

Some people have tricky to spell names. Sometimes this at least results in amusing Google Image searches if nothing else.


Hilarious google image searches photo 48

This sheep is one tough cookie. If you send a sheep into battle, you’ve got to make sure it’s ready for action.

God Howard

Hilarious google image searches photo 50

Todd Howard is a gaming god to many. The executive producer of Bethesda has helped bring the world many awesome games over the years including both Elder Scrolls and Fallout. As such, it’s only fair that he’s viewed in godlike status amongst the gaming community.


Hilarious google image searches photo 51

We’re not sure Trump would play a very good tune if you blew into him to be honest. And a search for Trumpbone could have gone very differently.


Hilarious google image searches photo 52

Poor Spiderman has had a rough old time of it. We’re not sure what happened to him but it looks more like a snake was bitten by a radioactive spider than a person.


Hilarious google image searches photo 53

Live long and prosper in Bioshock with Biospock. What wonderful cross over this would be.

Garlic Brad

Hilarious google image searches photo 54

Brad Pitt is delicious isn’t he? So’s garlic bread. Combine the two and what have you got? This magnificent beauty.

Jesuis Christ

Hilarious google image searches photo 55

What if the son of God was French? How would he look in a beret?

One thing is for sure, the bread of Christ would be a different experience at church.

Solid Snape

Hilarious google image searches photo 58

Metal Gear Solid’s main protagonist Solid Snake has been merged with Snape from the Harry Potter Universe.

Petulant Child

Hilarious google image searches photo 59

Sometimes Google knows what fits for the perfect chortle in relation to current events. Here a Google Image search for “petulant child” has resulted in images of former US President Donald Trump appearing among other photos. Appropriate?



If you’re looking for inspiration for a new haircut then it’s probably best not to turn to Google Image search. If you do, make sure you don’t mistype or you’ll end up down a rabbit warren of looking at cat photos.

I Googled this and this is what I got

This is what I got

This person searched “I Googled this and this is what I got” and this is the image that came back. We love it because it reminds us of the hybrid animals that have been lovingly crafted by Redditors.


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