Friday, July 19, 2024

6 Years On, Beat Saber Shows No Sign of Stopping with New Music Pack

Beat Saber is the VR rhythm game behemoth that can’t be stopped. Just two months after dropping the Daft Punk music pack, Beat Games is teasing its next music pack, the free OST 7 pack.

Beat Saber launched as a little-known indie game in early access on SteamVR all the way back in May 2018. It was clear then that it was something special, but I don’t think anyone can say they knew just how big it would be—it reportedly surpassed $250 million in lifetime sales as of 2023.

The game has long since reached its 1.0 version and also landed on Quest, PSVR 1, and PSVR 2. Its ‘easy to play, hard to master’ gameplay kept people coming back for more, catching the eye of Meta which ultimately acquired developer Beat Games in 2019. And though that put VR’s killer app solely in the hands of Meta, the company has made good on its promise to keep Beat Saber a multiplatform game, offering feature parity, equal music pack availability, and even cross-play multiplayer between platforms.

Over the years Beat Saber has seen the release of additional music packs, many from major artists. While most are paid, a solid lineup of free packs have been released over the years, and now Beat Saber is getting another one.

Beat Games teased the OST 7 music pack today, but offered little more than “coming soon.”

All the previous ‘OST’ music packs for the game have been free, and it’s unlikely this one will be any different. We have no hints as to how many or which tracks will be included, but most of the ‘OST’ packs have included original and indie music, with a handful of bangers made specifically for the game.

When it does land, you can expect to find the Beat Saber OST 7 music pack on SteamVR, Quest, PSVR, and PSVR 2.

Will Beat Saber still be pumping out music packs another six years from now? As incredible as that would be (a 12 year old VR game staying relevant enough to continue to update) betting against Beat Saber seems to be a bad idea.


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