Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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9 tips to improve Android smartphone’s battery life

Battery life on a smartphone depends upon several factors such as the number of background apps running, usages pattern and more. Despite that, running out of power at an important situation can be a real inconvenience and there’s a possibility, that the charging point isn’t always available.
But, there are several ways using which you can extend your smartphone’s battery life and ensure that it says powered up throughout the day. Here are 9 tips that can help you improve your Android smartphone’s battery life.
Reduce Screen Brightness
Displays usually consumes the most power and it can be one of the biggest reasons behind faster battery drain. Lowering the screen brightness can significantly reduce power consumption and extend the battery life of your Android device.
Reduce screen turn-off time
Android smartphones allow users to set the time interval after which the screen turns off automatically. Reducing it will increase the battery life as it will turn of the display when the phone is not in use faster to save battery life.
Set brightness level to automatic
Most modern smartphone comes with an Ambient light sensor that’s responsible for automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen based on the surrounding. It can help improve the battery life as it automatically lowers the screen brightness in dark areas.
Turn off Vibrations
Vibrations use more power than ringtones, so turning off vibrations can help conserve battery life.
Restrict apps with high battery use
Background apps consume lots of system resources which eventually results in more battery consumption. Turning off background services, especially the ones that are consuming more power can help improve battery life.
Use Power Saving mode
Android smartphones come with power-saving modes. That can extend battery life by turning off background services, reducing screen brightness and in some cases reducing the CPU performance.
Close unused apps
Running multiple apps at once can drain your battery quickly. Close apps you’re not using to conserve power.
Adjust sync settings
Syncing data such as email and social media updates can use a lot of power. Adjust your sync settings to sync less frequently or only when connected to Wi-Fi.
Use a Black or Dark theme
Dark mode or black theme can save battery life on OLED screens by turning off pixels that would otherwise be displaying black.


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