Friday, July 19, 2024

A Smithing Adventure’ Lands on Quest & PC VR Next Month, Trailer Here

Indie studio ManaBrigade and publisher Fast Travel Games today announced that BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure, a fantasy VR blacksmithing game, is coming to Quest and PC VR headsets next month.

The game, which is described as a “cosy, fantasy crafting experience” is set to launch on Quest 2/3/Pro and SteamVR headsets on June 13th, priced at $20.

Here’s how ManaBrigade describes the game:

BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure is a wholesome and deceptively skillful VR smithing game in which players have the chance to run their very own forge. Using realistic VR interactions, they’ll sculpt and shape metal, weld materials, chop wood and more as they strive to create fine tools and epic weapons. Before sending them off, players can even test their creations on a combat dummy. The game includes a full campaign in which players will learn new skills as they complete requests from townsfolk and adventurers, handed down by a trusty merchant.

At launch, BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure will include a full smithing campaign and story, the ability to heat and shape metals as well as sculpt and shape wood to make versatile tools, your very own forge spirit pet, and a handy combat dummy so you can test out your weapons and see if they’re up to snuff.

You can now pre-order the game on Quest, which includes a 20% discount. You’ll also have a chance to nab it on Steam for a 20% discount, which will be active for two weeks following launch.


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