Monday, June 24, 2024

Adobe’s new AI tools could be the ChatGPT moment for video editing

ChatGPT and Midjourney may be the frontrunners of the AI-powered revolution in chatbots and image creation, but giants like Adobe aren’t going to be left behind – and the company behind Photoshop has previewed some new AI tools that could completely democratize video editing.

In March we saw the arrival of Adobe Firefly, which is the company’s new family of generative AI tools. And now Adobe has previewed exactly how Firefly will power its video, audio, animation and motion graphics apps, which could include beginner-friendly ones like Adobe Premiere Rush or Spark Video.

While the features are only previews, rather than imminent updates, it’s clear how powerful these text-to-image tools are going to become. We’ve already seen how useful text-based editing is going to be in Premiere Pro, but these new tools look particularly suitable for novices – in fact, they could completely negate the need to learn complex video editing tools in most situations.

A laptop screen on an orange background showing Adobe Firefly video editing in action

(Image credit: Adobe)

For example, one example shown by Adobe is text-to-color enhancements for video. Type in the time of day, season or color scheme you want for an existing video, and it’ll be able to apply the necessary edits. Even vague prompts like “make this scene feel warm and inviting” will work in Firefly-powered programs.


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