Sunday, June 23, 2024

Adobe’s Project Music GenAI Control Can Generate and Edit Audio Using Text Prompt

What to know

  • Adobe has announced work on Project Music GenAI Control – a generative AI endeavor that will let users create music with text prompts as well as edit them extensively.
  • Some of the editing tools allow working with reference melodies, changing the intensity, speed, or duration of the music, looping and remixing, as well as adding musical structures to it.
  • Adobe’s Project Music GenAI Control is currently in an early stage of development.

Generative AI is commonly associated with text and image generation. And though there have been some attempts at bringing AI to the domain of music, there’s very little support for expanding upon or editing the generated music. But folks at Adobe are working on a project that will change all that soon. Here’s everything you need to know about Adobe’s Project Music GenAI Control and what it can do for creating and editing music  

Adobe’s Project Music GenAI Control

Be it Google’s MusicLM, Suno AI, or Stable Audio, using AI to create music has paled in comparison to other generative AI endeavors, like text or image generation. None of them offer enough artistic control, forcing users to generate music over and over until they get something workable. But with Adobe, it appears, things will soon change on that front. 

Project Music GenAI Control | Adobe Research

Adobe recently announced Project Music GenAI Control, a generative AI tool for music generation and editing that will give users not just the ability to create music on the go with natural text prompts, but also granular control over the music to fit their needs. 

As mentioned on the blog, Adobe’s upcoming tool will allow users to enter text prompts such as ‘pop dance’, ‘power rock’, or ‘soft classical’ and generate music. Once generated, the editing tools are integrated into the interface which can be used to further improve upon the music generated. 

Some of these editing tools, as highlighted by Adobe, include using a reference melody to transform the music, or changing the intensity of the generated music to fit your needs. The music can also be looped, added into structures (like verse-chorus-verse), lengthened or shortened, remixed, sped up, or slowed down, amongst other things. 

Project Music GenAI Control is gearing up to be the Photoshop of music creation, which will allow creatives the fine-grained control that could only be bettered by a professional studio. Such convenience will allow people in multiple fields to create music for their work, be it for YouTube videos, podcasts, broadcasters, or even for practicing musicians hunting for backing tracks. 

Currently, the Project is still in development and there’s no telling when it will be available for users to test. One can expect it to be integrated into the larger Adobe suite, especially in apps like Premiere Pro and Audition


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