Thursday, May 30, 2024
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AI-powered features in iPhone 15 that will change the way you use your smartphone

Yesterday, the iPhone 15 series went on pre-order, and starting September 22, all the smartphones will be available to buy. This time, Apple has included some major upgrades in each model of the iPhone 15 lineup, and as a result, the excitement among consumers has been higher than usual. However, we believe that many might have missed some understated features in the iPhone 15 that deserve attention. Apple has played around with artificial intelligence (AI) to add some really cool features and they are going to change how you use your iPhone and interact with the Apple ecosystem. Let us take a closer look.

iPhone 15 and AI

First things first. While AI has appeared as the catch-all buzzword in 2023 for any software programs that are capable of learning and improving themselves, it is an umbrella term with other subsets within it. For example, machine learning (ML), or the branch of artificial intelligence that deals with algorithms trained on data to produce models that can perform complex tasks.

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But why are we talking about all this? It’s because despite the massive hype that AI has created, Apple has consciously made the decision to not jump onto it, and refrained from using that word anywhere for its products, services, and events. However, what it does use quite often is machine learning. A careful observer will be able to tell where exactly Apple has used this technology to improve its devices.

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Apple used machine learning in an emphatic way for its portrait mode photography this year. When you open the Camera app, your phone will automatically detect whether there is a person or a pet in the frame and if found, will switch to portrait mode. This effect can also be edited or turned off after taking the picture.

Apple has also used its machine learning to integrate Siri into most of its apps. The less talked about voice-isolation feature for better calling is also being done by the same technology. You see even more of these AI features once you look at iOS 17. Live transcription of voicemail, Personal voices, and improved predictive text recommendations from the iPhone keywords all lean towards AI for their functionality. The only difference is that instead of using AI for generating output, Apple uses it to become more intuitive.


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