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AirTag Black Friday Deal Saves You 19% on Four Trackers

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One of the more practical Black Friday deals is at Amazon right now with a pack of four Apple AirTags available for $80 reduced from $99. A near $20 discount is almost like getting one AirTag free which sounds pretty irresistible to us. If you’re keen to learn more, keep reading while we take you through why Apple AirTags are so useful and why this is one of the best Apple Black Friday deals out there.

Why you should buy the Apple AirTag 4 Pack

The Apple AirTag is capable of leveraging billions of smart devices which is exactly what you want from such a tracker. Incredibly simple to use, you can use Apple’s Find My network which piggybacks off every iPhone out there. That means real-time updates about the location of your items, providing you’ve clipped an AirTag to them.

Small and portable, they’re tiny enough to keep on a key chain as well as in a purse or wallet. They’re about 1.25 inches wide and 0.31 inches thick. Bear in mind though, you’ll need to buy an accessory to attach them to your key chain. Unusually for an Apple product, you can always replace the battery as needed too although this won’t be necessary any more than about once a year.

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Set up is a matter of activating the battery then placing the device next to your iPhone. It takes seconds before you see it pop up on your Find My app which is just what you want from it. Any time it’s within Bluetooth range of an iPhone, its location is updated so you’re always kept informed about where your AirTag is. You’re able to see its last known location with precision tracking via the U1 chip to provide an accurate location. In our review, we found it accurate to within a few inches. It’s also possible to trigger a sound if you need something to listen out for.

One of the best Bluetooth trackers around, it makes sense that you’d want more than one. Right now, you can buy four Apple AirTags from Amazon for $80 saving you $19 off the regular price of $99. Sure to be incredibly useful, check out the deal now by hitting the buy button below.

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