Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Smart Phones

Already used with the Pixel 7 series, Samsung finally makes the Exynos 5300 modem chip official

The Pixel 6 series ran into all sorts of connectivity issues with Samsung’s Exynos 5123 modem. Users were often confronted with the inability to make a phone call at a moment when they needed to make a call the most. Several Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users ended up trading in their phones because of problems they had with the modem. Not wanting to repeat this with the Pixel 7 line, Google turned to the Exynos 5300 modem, integrated it into the Google Tensor 2 SoC and the results have shown a huge improvement.
Google was able to get early access from Sammy for the modem which explains why Samsung is just now releasing a spec sheet for the component. The Exynos 5300 is produced using Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process node and delivers 5G download speeds as fast as 10Gbps. Upload speeds up to 3.87Gbps are supported. Fast LTE speeds are also supported (3.06Gbps down, 422Mbps up) and the chip works with both 5G standalone and 5G non-standalone networks.

A 5G standalone network uses infrastructure designed for 5G use only. It delivers super-low latency that will help 5G signals power self-driving cars, remote surgery, and other things that require a quick response from the network. A 5G non-standalone network has a 4G core with 5G built on top of it. T-Mobile is the only U.S. carrier with a completed 5G SA network at the moment.

The Exynos 5300 modem supports mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G which means that it supports high-band, mid-band (including C-band), and low-band 5G. However, we should point out that as good as the Exynos 5300 might be, Samsung itself decided to go with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X70 5G modem for the Galaxy S23 series. Thanks to the 4nm node used to manufacture the Exynos 5300, the chip consumes less power than previous generations of modem chips. 

The Exynos 5300 modem is expected to get an encore and should be found integrated in the Google Tensor 3 chipset powering the upcoming Pixel 8 series.


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