Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Amazon Kindle Scribe update finally brings new pen styles and better notebook organisation

Amazon is rolling out a new software update to the Kindle Scribe, adding some much-needed features that will help close the gap to other E Ink paper tablets, allowing users to get a lot more creative with their writing and doodling, plus adding better organisation.

The big news here is that the Kindle Scribe is getting new pen styles, so you’re no longer limited to just one default digital ‘pen’. Amazon is adding a fountain pen style, along with a marker and a pencil option. What’s more, they come with five thickness options too.


This lack of pen styles when the Scribe first launched meant it wasn’t a great tool for anyone looking to use it for drawing, sketching, or doing anything beyond writing handwritten notes and lists. Now, with the new brush styles and thickness options, there’s so much more versatility than before.

With the software updated you can access the brush styles from the usual floating writing tools menu, or if you have the Premium Pen you can assign them to a shortcut.

Amazon Kindle Scribe pictures photo 10

Along with the fresh pen brush styles, Amazon is pushing a feature that will allow you to better organise your notebooks and lists, by allowing subfolders to be created within folders. It’s useful if you’re planning an event, or you split personal, family and work-related notes to keep them organised, and need to create further folders within those in order to separate out types of document.

One last new features – arguably as important as any of the others – is the ability to quickly jump to a specific page in any notebook. Before the update you had to scroll manually in order to skip back or forwards through pages, now you can just tap the three-dot icon in a notebook, select ‘Go to page’ and then type in the page number you want.


All three new additions will be seen by many early adopters as necessary to make the note-taking part of the device much more useful. More updates are coming in the future too, with Amazon stating that it will be bringing a copy/paste lasso tool, better notebook navigation and a feature that will allow Microsoft Word users to send documents directly to the Kindle Scribe from Word.


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