Monday, June 24, 2024
Smart Phones

Amazon’s hot new Echo Studio deal is giving off strong Black Friday vibes

Even though today is not Friday and the month is most definitely not November, Amazon’s “best-sounding smart speaker ever” can be had once again (for a presumably limited time) at a decidedly Black Friday (or Cyber Monday)-level price.

Yes, the Echo Studio is currently marked down by a cool 55 bucks from a $199.99 list price, and to our knowledge, this bad boy has only been ($5) cheaper than this once a long time ago. Perhaps even more remarkably, today’s discount beats what was on offer on and around Christmas, which is not something you tend to hear very often in February in relation with such a hugely popular product.

Granted, the Echo Studio is probably not as “mainstream”-friendly as the “standard” Echo or the diminutive Echo Dot, catering to a much more specialized audience that cares about audio performance at least as much as voice assistance.
Equipped with a massive 30mm tweeter, no less than three 2-inch mid-range speakers, and a 5.3-inch woofer, this thing is at worst a match for Apple’s $299 second-gen HomePod in terms of sheer power and at best… better. Either way, you’re clearly looking at a tremendous value proposition here, especially when you also consider all of the Echo Studio’s neat Alexa skills.
You can pick up the ultra-high-end smart speaker in your choice of “Charcoal” or “Glacier” colors without jumping through any hoops or meeting Prime subscription requirements to maximize your savings, and even though the device is pretty old, having originally seen daylight all the way back in 2019, there are no words on an impending sequel yet… and to be honest, we don’t know what Amazon could possibly improve about this nearly flawless first-gen product.


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