Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Anker’s magnetic portable battery for iPhone has just hit its lowest price yet at $30

If you have an iPhone with MagSafe, this is the portable batter you’ve been looking for.


Anker 621 Magnetic Battery

$30 $60 Save $30

Wires are annoying. They get tangled, and they’re an extra thing you have to carry around. This Anker portable charger sticks to the back of an iPhone using magnets to charge your phone without wires. It’s on sale for 50% off the regular price, which is an all-time low.

With good reason, Anker has become one of the most respected brands in the charging space. The company makes reasonably priced quality devices, and its 621 Magnetic portable battery is no exception. Currently, Amazon has it for $30, which is half off the normal price. In fact, it’s the lowest price this magnetic charger has ever sold for, so it’s time to buy if you own an iPhone with MagSafe support. You won’t need to mess with charging cables to keep your phone alive since this attaches to the phone magnetically.

Why you should grab the Anker 621 Magnetic Battery

The Anker 621 Magnetic portable battery has a 5000mAh capacity but is only 0.45 inches thick. It’ll charge your phone without adding too much bulk since it’s light and thin. It makes charging your phone on the go easier than with traditional backup batteries since you don’t have to wrestle with wires. It’ll make your life easier for only $30, which is great.

The magnet is strong, and Anker promises that you can make calls, take photos, and do anything else you’d normally do with your smartphone with the battery connected without worrying about it falling off. You’ll essentially be doubling your phone’s battery life without putting it down. The only time you’ll need a wire is for charging the battery pack itself, which is quite convenient.

The charger has a 4.4 rating on Amazon from more than 2000 reviews, which is generally a sign that it’s a good product. Not only that, but Anker offers a worry-free 24-month warranty, so if something happens to your new magnetic charger, you won’t have to stress about buying a new one.


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