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Apple iPhone 15: Buying interest declines as Apple adjusts production!

Apple is also affected by the current inflation that is sweeping across the world, not to mention the decreased interest in buying a new smartphone every single year. As Apple analyst Jeff Pu announced in an annual report, Cupertino will adjust the production of the Apple iPhone 15 and 15 Pro to 77 million units. This is a marked reduction based on a June report from ITHome that pointed to approximately 89 million units.

Apple cuts iPhone 15 production by 12 million units

In July, Apple already had to reduce its production figures for the iPhone 15 series from 89 million to 83 million units. Apple analyst Jeff Pu announced via 9to5Mac now that the numbers have been further reduced a second time.

While supply bottlenecks with Sony camera sensors were cited to be the cause at that time, problems with the procurement of new displays with thinner bezels and titanium case frames for the “Apple iPhone 15 Pro” models have been cited as the reason this time around.

However, new revenue estimates on the part of Apple are also another reason for the new production adjustment, according to the analyst in his investor report. Since the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will be more expensive than its predecessor, that will also inevitably “dampen demand.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently admitted in an investor roundtable that iPhone sales in the third quarter of 2023 were down from $40.67 billion to $39.67 billion. The main reason for this, he said, was the declining purchasing power in the U.S. market. Other markets still seem to be showing growth or at least stagnation.

According to current information from the usually very well-informed Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman, we will see the Apple iPhone 15 series unveiled on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at Apple Park in California’s Silicon Valley.

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