Friday, July 19, 2024

Apple is working on a controller that would allow you to interact with 3D games and content

The Apple Vision Pro is almost certainly the best mixed reality headset kicking about, but one area where Meta clearly pushes ahead is gaming. Virtual reality headsets have been primarily used for gaming and fitness so far, and no headset does a better job of that than the Meta Quest. But that might be about to change.

According to a newly published patent with the USPTO, Apple is developing a deformable controller to enhance user interaction with 3D games and other content on devices like the iPad, Mac, and the Vision Pro. A deformable controller is just like it sounds – something you can move entirely. Imagine squishing, twisting, and bending this control to move through virtual worlds.

This deformable controller isn’t just a static piece of plastic; it’s designed to move virtual objects, adjust audio settings, draw in 3D, and even play immersive 3D video games. The controller’s nub-shaped housing, complete with an elongated dome, can be squished and twisted to provide input, detected through a series of sophisticated sensors embedded within the flexible structure.

Apple's patent sketch for a deformable controller

(Image credit: Apple/USPTO)

What else can this deformable controller do?


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