Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Apple loses bid to stop UK investigation over cloud gaming and browsers in reversal

The ongoing back and forth between Apple and a UK antitrust watchdog will go on, London’s Court of Appeal has decided. For those keeping score at home, this particular antitrust case is over whether Apple should be investigated for two things.

First, the Competition and Markets Authority in the UK want a market investigation to determine if Apple’s policy against allowing cloud gaming services on the App Store is anticompetitive. Next, the CMA wants to make the same determination about Apple’s grip on mobile browsing with WebKit and Safari.

In May, the UK antitrust case against Apple hit a roadblock. The CMA, however, used its final appeal. As of today, the CMA regains the green light to move forward with its market investigation … almost. Apple is now able to appeal the ruling and will presumably do so, putting any investigation on hold for now.

Based on that decision, this saga will either conclude in 2024 or an actual market investigation will be able to proceed.


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