Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Apple Mac Mini with M3 Chip Expected Fall Launch

Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman is one of the best-known sources of information when it comes to unreleased Apple products, such as currently the up to six new Mac models. All Apple PCs are said to be equipped with the advanced M3 chip, including the smallest and cheapest desktop computer, the Apple Mac mini.

Is a new Apple Mac mini still coming in the fall of 2023?

The Bloomberg editor, Mark Gurman, who is often quoted in Apple matters, has reported in his current Power-On newsletter, among other things, that Cupertino is currently busy with the revision of its Apple Mac models. According to the leaker, he got his information from unnamed Apple insider sources. The Apple Mac mini with an M3 chipset is supposedly already being tested internally and will be released together with other models in October 2023.

The Mac mini will probably appear with the basic M3 chipset, 24 GB RAM, and the Sonoma 14.1 operating system. Unlike the M3 processor, which is very similar to the Apple M2 chip with four performance and four efficiency cores, the M3 Pro SoC is expected to get 18 GPU cores instead of 10. This increase is not least due to the improved 3 nm manufacturing process. However, the Pro version is not expected until next year in 2024.

Apple M3 Pro and M3 Max chip not until 2024

There is also talk of an Apple M3 Max chip: However, the tipster only expressed his personal assumptions, like the 14 CPU and up to 40 GPU cores. All three chipsets are supposed to be manufactured by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Expect to find the most powerful Apple chipset in a MacBook Pro and a revised Apple Mac Studio.

Current figures show a declining Mac business with 6.8 billion US dollars in sales compared to the same quarter last year with 7.4 billion dollars in sales. With the new Apple M3 chipsets, the company hopes to be able to stop this negative trend.

What do you think: Will the new SoCs boost the Mac business again? Are you interested in an Apple Mac with a built-in M3 chip? If so, what would you be willing to invest. Write us your opinion in the comments and let’s discuss Apple’s plans.


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