Monday, June 24, 2024

Apple may expect you to buy a smart ring PER FINGER — Apple Vision Pro patent could let you feel AR objects

Apple has only just entered a whole new category with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, its first foray into new territory in a decade, but it might already be looking at entering another. Reports continue to swirl to suggest that Apple is readying a new smart ring, perhaps dubbed Apple Ring, that will compete with offerings from Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, the Oura Ring, and others. And while that rumor continues to gather pace, it turns out that there might be more to the Apple Ring than just helping you track your workouts and how well you’re sleeping.

That’s because a new Apple patent appears to suggest that Apple might not just want people to buy one new Apple Ring — it might expect people to buy ten of them, one for each finger. Not so that you can have super duper accurate information about whether or not you tossed and turned all night but because the ring(s) could be used to help people get more done when wearing their shiny new Apple Vision Pro.


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