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Apple might launch its Vision Pro headset in February

Key Takeaways

  • Apple’s Vision Pro headset may be released as early as February 2024, indicating a potential shift from the initial “early next year” projection.
  • The premium nature of the Vision Pro headset suggests that Apple may forgo a big launch event due to limited supply and instead focus on training Apple Store staff to assist customers.
  • The launch of the Vision Pro headset will also introduce a new software platform called visionOS, with planned updates for visionOS, Mac, and iPhone software in the future.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset, initially announced for an “early next year” release, might hit the shelves sooner than expected. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the launch could happen as early as February 2024.

He thinks Apple might skip a big launch event, which makes sense for the premium Vision Pro, given it’ll likely be available in limited supply. Launching this product is still no small feat. Beyond manufacturing and production logistics at scale, it would involve training Apple Store staff to be able to help customers with everything from getting started to adjusting the fit and sorting out prescription lenses.

This launch marks another big step for Apple, as it’s introducing a new software platform called visionOS. Gurman mentioned an update for visionOS is planned for 2024, alongside regular updates for Mac and iPhone software.


Apple Vision Pro: Everything you need to know about the Apple VR headset

Apple has announced its mixed reality headset, looking to start a new chapter in spatial computing.

Apple is also getting developers ready for the launch. They’ve reportedly been told to gear up, which might mean creating apps for virtual and mixed reality, or adapting existing iPad and iPhone apps for the Vision Pro. While there could still be delays, production in China has been going full steam for weeks. The goal is to have the headsets in stores by the end of January, just in time for their retail release.

Vision Pro


Apple Vision Pro left us speechless at WWDC

Apple first revealed its Vision Pro headset during WWDC 2023, following years of rumors. While many have been focused on how it will compare to current VR offerings, anyone who has tried it probably won’t be quite prepared for the experience it delivers.

We spent 30 minutes with the Vision Pro in one of the custom-built rooms in the Field House at Apple Park designed to sample the headset. Honestly, it might be the first time one of our editors was left speechless, not only for the briefing but for several hours afterward.

“Honestly, it might be the first time one of our editors was left speechless, not only for the briefing but for several hours afterward.”

The Vision Pro is like wearing a powerful computer on your face, designed to blend virtual and augmented realities into one experience. It fits right into the Apple ecosystem and works with popular apps and services like FaceTime and Disney+. The idea is to immerse you in a digital world while keeping you connected to the real one, offering a level of interaction and awareness that sets it apart from its rivals.

At its core, the Vision Pro boasts twin 4K micro-OLED screens and runs on a combination of Apple’s M2 chip and a new R1 chip. It’s kitted out with eye-tracking and hand gesture tech for natural interactions, plus LiDAR sensors. The headset is supposed to offer a solid battery life, giving you hours of use on a single charge, and it’s equipped with Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.0 to keep you connected.

The Apple Vision Pro is set to cost $3,499 when and if it does launch early next year.


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