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Apple News Gives You More Options for Automatic Downloads on iOS 17.5 « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

In the upcoming iOS 17.5 software update, there are new features for EU countries and mobile device managers only, but there are also more widespread user-facing changes to Books, Podcasts, and other apps. News is one of those other apps, and it’s giving us more preferences for automatic downloads.

These new preferences are unavailable directly in the Apple News app. Instead, go to “News” in the Settings app on iOS 17.5 or iPadOS 17.5.

The News Settings section on 17.4.1 and earlier, which included the “Restrict Stories in Today” switch, is now called Today Feed. It’s not a huge change, but it makes sense, given the other changes discussed below.

The Automatic Downloads section, which included the “Download Issues” and “Download Audio” switches on 17.4.1 and earlier, is now called News+ Offline Mode. As before, this section only applies to Apple News+ subscribers.

In this section, there’s a new “Automatic Downloads” switch, which turns the feature on and off as a whole. Below it, the new “Download Options” submenu lets you choose the content you want and don’t want automatically downloaded.

The old “Download Issues” and “Download Audio” switches are in the new submenu as “Magazine Issues” and “Audio Stories,” joined by “Puzzles,” “Recent Stories,” and “Saved Stories.”

Under the content type toggles, there’s a new “Optimize Storage” switch. You can turn this on to make Apple News+ download smaller versions of all the images in your offline content. However, even when the switch is disabled, it will automatically turn on whenever your iPhone or iPad is low on storage.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks


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