Thursday, May 30, 2024

Apple Store Online coming to Chile, wallpaper released

10/16: As scheduled, Apple’s online store is now live in Chile. iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will be available to pre-order in Chile starting Friday, October 20, according to Apple. Story from October 10 follows.

Apple customers in Chile will soon be able to make purchases directly from the company. Apple is launching its online store in the country next week, and there’s an official custom wallpaper to celebrate.

Apple says it will launch the Apple Store Online in Chile on Monday, October 16. Prior to the online store opening, Apple has relied solely on distribution partners to reach buyers in Chile.

Apple touts several benefits of buying directly from the Apple Store Online compared to other retailers. Perks include access to 24-month financing, configuring Mac specs, pairing Apple Watch purchases with specific bands, product engraving, free shipping, and Apple’s device trade-in program.

As part of the Apple Store Online finally coming to Chile, Apple has shared a downloadable wallpaper featuring an interpretation of the flag of Chile. The official custom wallpaper is sized for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.


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