Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Apple Watch Ultra 2 Confirmed To Have Higher Battery Capacity

Apple launched the Watch Ultra 2 without any substantial battery improvements over the original Watch Ultra. Uunlike most manufacturers, the iPhone manufacturer does not disclose the actual battery capacities of its watches. Rather, Apple references the battery specifications in terms of hours. However, if you’re interested in knowing the actual numbers, these have apparently been revealed.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9 batteries

In a teardown video, iFixit managed to uncover the battery capacities of both the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9. Essentially, the new Watch Ultra 2 model sports a slightly bigger cell at 564 mAh. The difference from the original Watch Ultra (review) is actually minor with a 22 mAh, or 4 percent, increase.

For the Watch Series 9, both the 41 mm and 45 mm case sizes are shown to feature the same type of battery cells. The smaller variant has the same 282 mAh rating as the Watch Series 8 (review). On the other hand, the larger Watch Series 9 has a 308 mAh capacity, making it similar as its predecessor.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Watch Series 9 Battery Capacity

Model Battery Model Battery
Apple Watch Ultra 2 564 mAh Apple Watch Ultra 542 mAh
Apple Watch Series 9 (41 mm) 282 mAh Apple Watch Series 8 (41 mm) 282 mAh
Apple Watch Series 9 (45 mm) 308 mAh Apple Watch Series 8 (45 mm) 308 mAh

Despite the slightly increased capacity, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is still rated to feature a 36-hour battery life in standard use and about 72 hours when battery-saving mode is enabled. The difference will most likely make up for the brighter display panel and the more capable Apple S9 SiP chipset.

As in most cases, we have yet to figure out whether the listed watch’s battery life estimates are accurate with real-life usage in our extensive review. However, if you’re expecting any meaningful changes, you will most likely be disappointed.

It’s quite a different case for the vanilla Watch Series 9. While the battery capacity remains the same, Apple listed the same 18-hour battery rating for normal usage despite having a brighter screen on the watches, which is still notably underwhelming compared to most Android and Fitbit smartwatches.

What are your thoughts about Apple not improving the batteries of its next-generation smartwatches? Will this possibly affect your purchase decision when it comes to any of the new models? Feel free to hit us with your answers in the comments. 


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